Ryhor Baradulin: Dasedchykav Bykov much more than researchers

On this week, which fall days of birth and destruction of Vasil Bykov (19 and 22 June), Ryhor Baradulin as public editor instructed reporters, "Freedom" designed to prepare the transfer of certain subjects, "Bulls and the world." It will be aired on Friday. Baradulin Gregory And he knows every morning, remember how Vasil Bykov him.
Now — about how the Bulls treated harassment by Russian ideologues.

Baradulin: "Apparently that was not a moment to Bykov herbs to not contacted him denunciations." Dasedchykav "it was much more than researchers.
Wrote, killed anonymous calls … I do not even know what there was more — call, say, or anonymous scribbling … From the rostrum watered all those who have committed. And in the reports — as their colleagues so called.
In time was declassified a CC decision to that directive: "Create a job Vasil Bykov" … Basil always tried to impose on the "right" way, but it did not work out.
Bykov was such breed that did not yield anything. Its tempered poverty and hunger in the early years, then the war.
And most importantly — he never threw the truth. Never wrote a single line or the 1st half-word or word of untruth. He and titles, awards were given in the hope that will change. But those hopes were in vain.
Bykov was outside people indoors. He perceived at all. And all that harassment, and once completed the denunciations of his illness. Could be uttered, vykrychatstsa, but did not.
Their pain and anger through their own exhalations same villains. You could say it was his outlet. Not from the stands, and defended his creativity through.
And the more it is stifled, the more it is persecuted, the more so zagartovvavsya his temper. In addition, contrary to the ideologue readers with even greater enthusiasm and reverence to the Word Bykov. Especially since dragged him … Let padspodna with fear, but he condoled — whom the then brutally thrashed so strong.
So in conclusion — my line of vershalista Vasili:
Jurmala, as dust rises itself.
Yurme gift —
Prophet and messiah.
No prophets — no hassle.
Jurmala come
Massey did not ask.
Heavenly tranquility —
Endless pilgrim.
CONTACT temporary peace visit
It is easier to carry the cross of the Messiah,
Human sincere insincerity
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