Ryhor Baradulin: feels good, thank you!

Ryhor Baradulin
Healing was in office nevralegii 10th clinic in Minsk. Poet — 73 years. Prepyadstviya vascular system at this age — a common phenomenon for Belarusians, says neurologist Vasily Avramenko Mogilev:

"The fact that often — it’s not the right word, it’s our main patients. Adults we more and more, and they are to be ill more often young, because patients Incline age we more. Most vserasprostranennye vascular disease — it strokes and heart attacks "…
Measures for the prevention of diseases and support the body — is not only a means of honey. This — not in a bad mood and positive emotions. But they, while the poet was in the clinic, it provided a letter with around the world from readers, admirers. Knows one of the participants and initiators of action in support of the poet Gleb Lobodenko:
"It is a letter from an Italian student, who admires the Belarusian language and knows her specifically. Lydia her name. She wrote that she is very willing to support Uncle Gregory and translate poetry into Italian Baradulin … Or, alternatively, she could send him pony Petrarchand that he translated it into whiteRussian language … I took her letter to Uncle Gregory, he was still in the clinic was — it is a letter amused — gave consent "…

I treated her. 30 droppers did feel normal. I go hard, but the consequences of other diseases

The poet says, that at the moment feels well and thanks everyone for their support:
"Thanks to them, and thanks to the doctors. Podlechil me. 30 droppers did feel normal. Walk me hard, but that the effects of other diseases.
Correspondent "And now that the doctor advises you to Home Mode"?
"Power Mode — all moderate. As a person of my age, and then the respective mode. Vitamins, by itself, and all sorts of pills" …

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