S.Abrazovski: This is not the document that prosecutors should take

Collective complaint to the Prosecutor General and the inhabitants of the villages everybody Svislach sent on April 25. They write that the world began to investigate the inhabitants after, began as a project work. Business, the Group believes that the project documentation has numerous violations. Plant to be built in the buffer zone of Minsk TPP-5, work began on a dirt plot to obtain official permission. Violated and certain articles of the Constitution, where question about the protection of human health and environmental safety.
General Prosecutor’s Office conducted an audit of collective appeal inhabitants Svislochi amicably and violations of laws Closed Joint Stock Company "August-Bel" and issued an official warning by the Acting Director of "August-Bel" for violating the law.
Managing the press service of the Prosecutor General Gennady Vertinskij explained to Radio Liberty:
"Customer the project did not fulfill their duties some, namely," public access during the evaluation of the environmental impact, organizations and media statements about the likely environmental impact of the planned activities. " But this is not talking about what is the impact of mandatory order is in a bad temper or positive. Just information should be available. "
So makarom, people should know what’s happening at all steps of the project activity, prosecutors confirmed.
Manage the activities of the group against the construction of the plant pesticides Obrazovsky Sergey said that his reaction to the document prosecutors — restrained:
"Naturally, I am pleased that prosecutors acknowledged the people’s right to information. But when they give me half a million for what I protest, and the plant, which violated the law not once, but a couple of times — just a warning, it indicates only that again that all comes down on the brakes. would enable correct documents, and work to improve things further.
But it is, in my eyes, not the document which should was to take prosecutors. I think, that prosecutors was bring some commission of lawyers who will check whether indeed true ground allotted plot, as there more than a dozen such comments! "
Local residents are convinced that should be held to the same environmental assessment is independent.

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