S.Balykin: tax will be easier to pay

"From you take one bet — 12 or 10% — this is a technical question. And you do not need to collect all sorts of paper and declare their income at the end of the year. This will facilitate the legalization of huge revenues. Now, when you earn more than 700 thousand rubles per month, you give 15%. And if you earn 1 million 750 thousand, you give 20%. And so on up to 30%. That the utilities work in our country, when you give the third part of their earnings? "- Reads Sergei Balykin
By him, after the introduction in Russia 13% rate, there occurred the legalization of income and made it easier for taxpayers to pay these taxes.
"If in Belarus needed legalize the work of programmers, for the high technology park residents did the only rate — 9%. And companies have started to pay wages on-white. "
Sovereign Balykin not exclude that the simplification of taxation could reduce today’s vast monetary unit in the departments of taxation people.
"Maybe they are opposed to such a single rate. But Actually our tax system so complicated, zhulasnaya that every tax there some place. "

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