S.Nevar: constructions in Russia — a concentration camp for Belarusians

Young private builder Sergei Nevar of Krychaw gave a vow to myself never to go to work in Russia. He explains:

Ctavit there to us as working animals

"Obliged to do so. Indeed there treated us like working cattle. Operating day lasted from 8 am to 10 or 11 pm. Weekend was not. Oppress us more Chechens. Owners live in Moscow, and specific observers — Caucasians" .
On the construction in Russia has only interlocutor negative Memoir:
"I believe that it can be compared to a concentration camp for the Belarusians. When we tried to ask some questions about wages or working a day or length, it was one answer to all questions:" swing right — to their historical homeland! How to come here, work for! "If the person still refuses to work, it just exposed the gates on all four sides without a penny of money in the pocket."
Nevar and Sergei knows about him recognizable murders of Belarusian builders:
"Brought from Russia killed the guy. He was only 35 years old. There in Russia on building destroyed it. If read accurately — slaughtered. Krychau also near several people were killed in Last year. In Slavgorodskiy area in This year brought the corpse. "

From Russia brought the murdered boy. He was only 35 years old. There in Russia on the construction site of his destroyed

In Brest in This year buried eleven dead, which also achieved the destruction in Russia. The murder of Igor Zanko knows his mother, a resident of Hantsavichy Ekaterina V.:
"There was a heavy blow on the head with a crowbar. And not found the culprit. And who will find one in Moscow!? I do not know why he was killed …"
From the conversation that in Russia now goes to work-in-law Catherine Zanko. The lady says that recently returned from Moscow, he was robbed by a policeman:
"Suspend my son in law. Behold the that the Belarusian and without registration. By 12 thousand Russian rubles with him and his friends away. Dali guys all that was in the pocket, and came home naked."

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