S.Skrebets led electoral party headquarters S.Shushkevich

Belarusian Social Democratic whopper de jure comes to the United Democratic Forces. On a single list SLM Stanislav Shushkevich nominated to the District Election Commission, and two other members of the party are running (and again as one list) as candidates for parliamentary seats. Which requires a separate list?
Vice-chairman BSDG Svetlana Gubeyko, before answering the question, notes in soon composition of the Party increased significantly, received 170 applications. A as for specifically elections, here, in her opinion, the situation looks like this:
"We are aware of the main thing that will be — an information campaign. A means more people will go to the people, the more utility. Because we did own separate list. People wished to participate in the elections. And it will be more freshest persons who are not yet completely familiar and seemingly not stuffed on edge to anyone. "
This idea divides and Sergey Skrabets who is going to run in Lida, where 8 years ago he was chosen deputy. There is one list SLM stands teacher, member of the Party of Communists Belarusian Guzovskoy Ioannina. Sergei Skrabets notes:
"The candidacy of the person who will represent the Lido in Parliament, has been agreed with Lukashenko. Because we maintain with Mrs. Guzovskoy each other. We are perfectly familiar. She supported me when I was a deputy in 2000. I think we have similar chances to join. "
Political scientist Yuri Chausov says:
"We are in a period when small forces are increasing their political significance, its separate location. So doing enough shapeless" European Coalition ", which claims that it will go to the polls, a separate column. Remembered that first past election cycle so little education increased their significance by demonstrating their own individual position. But when it comes to real action, it turns out that the weight has only major political force. Specifically, those who are able to spend a significant nationwide campaign, such as the presidential election.
Task — to integrate these small groups in the overall political strategy. At this point it is clear that it is not the UDF sovladevaet because there are centrifugal tendencies. "

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