S.Vysotski: The KGB did not even apologize

He was detained on July 10 after a search of the apartment. Released on July 12. Sergei Vysotsky interrogated once — for 8 hours. Watchmen in "an American" among themselves called him a terrorist, says the Sovereign Vysotsky.
"After the liberation of forgiveness nobody asked. Though they had a moment of awkwardness. It was felt in the behavior of the people who brought me there. From time to time they were ready to get out, but the call — to pick up. Another call — drop. Departure calls — we can only guess . "
Sergei Vysotsky, then what’s happening after the explosion on July 4 — the traditional political order and provocation by the authorities.
"It’s so messy, that though what politician who was involved in this, even though he has no case, is discrediting the name of a blow to the psyche and dignity."
Sergei Vysotsky says that in today’s political criteria not have the ability to answer that neabektyvnasts gryazyuka and even that was in the media that wrote about these detentions.
For its part, the KGB took Vysotsky subscription to disclose Undercover investigation:
"By this I wish to silence. Which lurking there? Everything in sight. These methods are perfectly familiar. But I’m not going to this topic silent. Misrepresented me, I trampled in gryazyuka so that I shy away from the neighbors, and do not provide the ability to justify. "
Sovereign Vysotsky going to challenge their detention and to ensure that he was cleared on his own recognizance. Tags: Vysotsky, explosion

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