Sagitta — new unmanned aerial vehicle made its first flight in 2015

Sagitta - new unmanned aerial vehicle made its first flight in 2015
New unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Sagitta perform the first flight of the middle of 2015, said at the show at Le Bourget software company Cassidian.
With all of this in the air will rise not the UAV and its technological demonstrator.
The flight will take on one of the polygons Germany. UAV has a flat flying wing configuration and is designed as a kite, ARMS-TASS reported.
The purpose applets Sagitta is working out future technology UAVs, including:
design of the apparatus
flight control system and performed tasks
modeling and system integration
evaluation of materials and constructions
airborne refueling machine
control clearance based on visual images obtained

Sagitta — new unmanned aerial vehicle will perform the first flight in 2015
Technology demonstrator, which will rise into the air in 2015, is a smaller model of the real machine four times and has dimensions of approximately 3 x 3 meters, two turbojet bypass engine, the least mass of 150 kg. Full-scale UAV has dimensions of 12 x 12 m
The program Sagitta realized on the principle of «open innovation» and uses a number of scientific achievements of German research institutes and institutions. Any of the participating institutions in the program presented their own original technology, Cassidian is a system integrator and prime developer.
Intellectual property used in the construction for UAV development programs from member-owned, but they have no right to use the technology made under this applets, or where else. In the program involved only German spices.

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