Sausage with antibiotics

Its production was found antibiotic hlorafenikol and 7 November the factory is not allowed export their products to

In 2007 Zhlobinsky meat processing plant was awarded the government for quality products.

adjacent government.
In the veterinary department of the Gomel oblselhozproda said that at the moment conducted a special study on the findings Rosselkhoznadzor. Specialists are surprised, because hlorafenikol product for about 5 years is not used in veterinary Belarusian. It is unclear how antibiotic was in production — due to excess animal healing or as additives in feed?
With 2004 Zhlobinsky meat processing plant — the main enterprise of the local agro-industrial company. It consists of a feed mill company public supply and trading house. Works cooperates with Polish, Austrian, Czech, Italian firms.

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