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Do not become Chingiz Aitmatov. The creator of "Jamilya", "snow-white steamer", "Buran halt", "chopping block" and 10’s other works, which are whole world glorified the name of Kyrgyz writer, protected from pollution their native steppes, his voice sounded from the congress of Russian writers in defense of creators who were not to enjoy power — including Vasil Bykov out of his hands left in the world, the term "mankurt" whose value is now known to all who are not indifferent to the historical memory of its own people.
People’s Poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin met with Chingiz Aitmatov in the seventies and eighties of the last century, many decades of Russian literature. Then Kyrgyz writer was in his own glory, generously vlyavranay. And it did not go unnoticed by acute pen Belarusian poet. In particular, the rumors that after "Jamilya" Chingiz Aitmatov is not written in their native language, but only in Russian. But his talent for Gregory Baradulin undeniable.
"Chingiz Aitmatov — excellent writer, whose books were read. Chingiz Aitmatov’s works were translated into many languages. However, in the time of the Russian Empire outstanding creators had the epithet" Russian. "And, for example," a prominent Kyrgyz writer "in those days — score less than "Russian." For Russian writer was unprincipled, he writes in the native language or the Russian descent. strolled even a smirk. issued in Russian as not Works 1st east Russian classics. Zvyarali translations with originals. Could delved originals 10 Single weave poems and verse. When asked offspring, where the originals, he replied: "Certainly, my father said something to the interpreter." And the students at home would ask his own famous countryman, whether his work in Kyrgyzstan "- jokes Ryhor Baradulin and continues:
"During one decade I have developed lines:
— To deputies in dark cars
ride in the midst of the delegates,
I learned Russian just for —
remarked Chingiz Aitmatov.

Naturally, Chingiz Aitmatov epigrams like this I do not read. I was not in prezydyyumnyh echelons delegations ever. Smiled what is called, for himself in the sleeve.
A general Chingiz Aitmatov — this excellent writer, whose works studied on more than one generation, how to write about the present and how — about the history. And I think that his name remains forever in the world literature. "
Poet Sergei Zakonnikau recalls how one day in Moscow was in the literary company Chingiz Aitmatov, where he was asked why he writes in Russian. Answer Kyrgyz writer Sergei struck Zakonnikova:
"He’s very wise, appropriate said that, as he saw himself, he manages in Russian reveal character of its own people. And you can, say, his incriminating in this, but it stands on its own, finds that — and writing in Russian — own people, his aspirations, the base of this nation. And I also think that Aitmatov’s own prose profoundly demonstrated the essence of the Kirghiz. His realism was not very Russian, and realism was popular. "
A poet and public figure Gennady Buraukin allocated immense courage plainclothes Chingiz Aitmatov in public protection from attacks Bykov kampartyynay Russian nomenclature.
"After the death of Vasil Bykov I read a couple of times on the phone with him when he lived in Brussels. Asked him to write a memoir about the bulls for the book" Our Bulls. "He said, that is very willing do, but so expensive for him both spiritually and as a writer Bulls that he does not wish to it mattersbe just so, and wants to think about what the Bulls that is his work, and for that he needed time.
That has now come and we need to think about what Chingiz Aitmatov, what his work for all, including for Belarusians. After all, we live in including in the field of power influence his huge talent. "
Some works of Chingiz Aitmatov translated into whiteRussian language. Among them is the novel "Buran stop" from the pages of that left in the world, the term "Mankurt" — those who are conquerors stripped hereditary memory. Very close Belarusians concept.

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