Share business: all ready

The march will take place in Minsk. Entrepreneurs rely, the authorities to pay attention their provisions: 1 January, when it begins to act Decree number 760, without work there about 120 000 people.
Recall: Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning Victor Gorbachev about violating the law on mass events. Businessman warned that calls for the role in an unsanctioned rally it be brought to administrative responsibility.
Prosecutors also warned Victor Gorbachev of criminal responsibility if he will speak on behalf of an unregistered organization in Belarus "For Free Development of Enterprise."
Victor Gorbachev said "Freedom":
"Bureaucrats well remember businessmen shares in December 2007 and in January. They felt that reappear prepyadstviya with businessmen, and began to put pressure on the more active participants in the movement of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs after speaking Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Tur started calling each other. All ready to go to share. "

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