Shield Kurapaty not allowed

According to Vyacheslav Siuchyk on the shield is a diagram of what is on the ground of the national memorial.
The shield has written: "Memorial Kurapaty. Place of death of victims of political repression of 1937-1941. At this point, the Byelorussian SSR NKVD destroyed people. In the tract, there were more than 500 mass graves of people. Since 1988, through the efforts of the public began to form national memorial to the victims of Stalinist repression" .
Immediately tract map with a legend.
The policemen explained that the shield can be set only with the permission of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.
Siuchyk told that in connection with the vandalism of the public turned to the police with a request to begin duty in the tract. Police officers said they agree, but if the public will pay for it means. Siuchyk said authorities shall be removed to engage in Kurapaty.

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