Shop for the production of sandwich panels has opened in the village Belorechenskoye Irkutsk region.

Not on the profile, but necessary. Today in the town Belorechenskoye earned a new shop. This is the first production, which opened in Usolsk area over the past few years.

The room is small, but the benefit is huge.

— Did frames barns, and now began to make the panel. This allows us to build at least three to four years in the barn. A thousand cows, — says CEO of CX "Belorechenskoye" Gabriel Frantenko.
The first panel is sent to build a farm in Bielsko. There are orders from other areas. Attends the opening of the Governor Sergey Eroschenko noted that such production is necessary. This new technology. Energy-saving. And most importantly — allows a short time to build the necessary objects.
— Want such technology is not taken away such experienced and great people in agriculture, as Gabriel S., in construction. And only helped them to develop basic business. And I hope that this will give a new impetus to agriculture — said the governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Eroschenko.
With the opening of the production there are new jobs. First, in the shop, and then to the construction and repair of barns and farms.

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