Shushkevich not pulled by the district commission

Participants of the meeting of the presidium of the political council of the United Democratic Forces dubbed results creation commissions offensive to the opposition. Coordinator of the campaign "For Free and Fair Elections" Viktor Kornienko recalled that SLM requirements were the lowest — a representative of the opposition to each commission. Nominees from one list SLM received 110 surroundings only 35 seats, but only from the opposition structures — 42. Reads Viktor Kornienko:
"Not included former parliamentarians — Semdyanovu, Golubeva, Borshevsky and others. Not included former ministers pine and Kozlowski. This list is not ranked and last Head of State Stanislav Shushkevich. The authorities also decided that he does not pull on an ordinary member of the district election commission. "
Co-Chair of the Political Council of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko states: government did not employ their own chance.
"Power had a chance to fulfill the minimum program — to include at least one representative in each district SLM Election Commission. And now we have in fact — almost 70% of the electoral commissions represented only people Alexander Lukashenko. Or those who are economically and financially also depends on Alexander Lukashenko.
Therefore, we note that there is some progress in comparison with presidential elections. But it is not enough to state that we katigorichnye shifts occurred and that election campaign conducted in accordance with standards of the OSCE. "
Co-Chair of the Political Council of the UDF Sergei Kalyakin believes that ignoring the demands of the opposition comes to the strategy of the authorities:
"They pushed us all sorts of way to ensure that we have completed their role in the elections. But we have such a gift of power do not. Should be all show and put her failing grade in all positions — and for inclusion in the Commission, and the registration of candidates .. . And after take decisions which we deem necessary. "

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