Sign savetskastsi — Khrushchev

"Of course, outside the city began to look better. But if you combine this with the purity of the Stalinist architecture … it can, and it looks as Europeans, and in my opinion — on the contrary," believes Tatiana.
"I’m uncomfortable in this town, but I never is a comfortable, "- she admits.
"To ask for call sign savetskastsi Minsk, I remembered to Khrushchev. Given that Khrushchev once colonized people of the barracks, then it was made. But it is quite different in their look, if you compare with the housing, which in those being constructed in Europe, "- says an employee of the real estate agency.
"If people buy property, and do not expect that will give the government — a sign nesavetskastsi" — says Ms. Snitko. — "But at the same time Russian property Lithuania — standard panel houses — is much cheaper than ours. And so in all statesah States. And in Europe, such homes not at all. Naturally, we can say, European real estate is more expensive, but to there wasand Khrushchev, they would have sold for a penny. "
Tatiana knows about certain features of the real estate market in Minsk: "Compared with Europe, we have a huge interest on loans to purchase real estate and construction. In Belarus, 11% is considered a small bet, and in Europe is 3-4%. There almost all people get credit. If a person so to repay the loan, it is tangible, but not because we — people Pasha on 3 work weekends and holidays. "
"At this point in the construction of reigning European tendency to make huge kitchen and a large bathroom co-op, but with On the other hand, not enough at the moment who gets completely new apartment: they are, or will be, or produced in the secondary market, "- emphasizes Tatyana Snitko.

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