Slavic market — the eyes of the inhabitants of Vitebsk

After serving three days of arrest, sentenced for hooliganism Tipo, in the center of the festival Vitebsk reappeared oppositionist Boris Khamaida. He is confident that his purpose was convicted, that during his stay in the town government delegations it has not spread non-state press.
Of temporary detention, he immediately went to his ordinary place of so-called "Blue House" on Lenin Street. Passersby who noted his absence, now willing to share with him the news in recent days. According Khamajda, the most basic topic for discussion — this exceptional security measures imposed on the festival after the explosions NIGHT MODE July 4 in Minsk :
"They say the security measures that this humiliation very verye when searched through metalashukalnik through personal inspection. And uncork bottles of beverages and sniff — maybe vodka was told not to. But what is curious here who would not fit me, no one said that those explosions made by the opposition. In the main they say that it was able to make the power "- says Boris Khamaida.
Drinking alcohol in today’s festival is really limited. After 16 minutes the evening comes "curfew" all shops within 500 meters of the venues cease trade liquor. But by this time in the festival center can both take and consume and beer, and that stronger. A note in the evening wishing away from the center of the festival in the coming neighborhood. The house belongs to one of these houses, lives Valery, who knows about his own relationship to the festival:
"In a public toilet then transformed our yard! We have benches, garden furniture — this is the" place of cultural recreation workers. " I’m on time, "Slavic market" trying to get out of town, because everything is not my lures. Every year come the same artists. Well it is impossible to demonstrate the same 17th year in a row. "
The fact that residents of Vitebsk lost enthusiasm for the festival, and then shows: at a huge screen at the Freedom Square, which broadcast concerts, never actually going to people. According to Ms. views that look braked performance Belarusian contestant Vitaly Gordei, enthusiasm for "Slavic market" has passed not only due adnastaynastsi concerts:
"With prazdnichek art he turned into a politicized event, and no desire to go anywhere," — says.

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