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"Slavic market" with the serial number 18, which was held in Vitebsk from 11 to 18 July, was declared a record in almost all respects. And the number of participants exceeded artists for 3000, and the number of States exceeded 3 x 10-s, and even ice cream at the festival ate a record amount — more than 30 tons. Related statistics obviously does not reflect the artistic significance of the festival, which we talk to the poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk.
"At previous festivals Moscow" star "behaved intelligently, felt that they were at a party"
Michas Scoble"Leonid, you participated in the" Slavic market "back in 1995, well, later visited the Vitebsk festival. Compare what happened earlier, with what is happening at the moment on that core, as is commonly believed, the song festival in Belarus . "
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk"The first festival in Vitebsk were more creative, more Belarusian poetical. From the stage sounded real poetry, read his remarkable poems Nyaklyayeu, Belarusian was the hostess. During the festival, then spoke with the show’s own auteur films, artists staged exhibitions, NIGHT MODE jazz musicians gave concerts. And that is curious: Moscow "star" behaved intelligently, felt that they were at a party. So it was in 1995. And in some places since 2001, according to my observations, came a certain lethargy, creative air slowly began to disappear, because the festival began to transform into the market and the audience have become more passive. And the most disgusting that our artists have forgotten almost native song. However, in today’s festival was "Palace" and I listened with delight Oleg Khomenko and his amazing friends . "
"You keep quiet, birch" — is a classic of classics and you can not sneer "
Scoble"Indeed, today’s" Slavic market "is perhaps not only the hottest (33 percent Celsius), and the most nebelorussky. Middle of 10-s and 10-s of songs on a variety of languages, sounded from the stage, only a few — Belarusian-language. Why Belarusian songs on this festival is given more than a symbolic role? "
Dranko-Maisyuk"When Shushkevich in Belarusian everyone sang — speaking in a national, and the beetle, and the toad, and moss, and bog. Apartment My first phone 90s crimson on the voltage on the day were 10 calls. Called singers, composers , arrangers, editors, music editors, heads of song festivals, conductors, even mothers and fathers future singers. All texts were needed Belarusian Belarusian poetry. then on television was a festival "Song Bring a" municipal programm acted to promote Belarusian songs . Then very many in this direction did Belarusian radio and Lyudmila G. Colonel — good music editor. Much has been visiting concerts, which sounded just Belarusian songs. segodnyaschy situation asks profound analyzes. promoted in our country the Russian and British language, because on stage Belarusian few songs. "
Scoble"Yes, with the cost not very respectful. Beheld you, as a group of" Angina "performed" You keep quiet, birch? " Singer grimacing at the camera and showed the language well, and the song itself was not seen. Neuzh artist can do it with someone else’s product whatever you want? "
Dranko-Maisyuk"This piece of music by Eduard Hanka beautiful poem Gilevich Nile — a real masterpiece song, this song beloved people. It’s a classic, it sounds everywhere. I heard," You keep quiet, birch "even in Vladivostok, thus, not singing Belarusians, but — Belarusian. Again, this is a classic, and you can not sneer of classics. And true masters, as, for example, Anatoly Yarmolenko, with great respect to this product, but one artist, I do not know, but about which we were talking, probably poorly educated. It has no taste — and music, and poetry. That was all explained. "
Scoble"Previously on" Slavic market "were Belarusian poets. This year amplyua poet on the scene suddenly came chairman of the Union of theatrical figures, playwright Alexei Dudarev. And there he looked no worse than" marketplace "frequenter Nicholas Dobronravova …"
Dranko-Maisyuk"I am very pleased that the scene" Slavic market "came Belarusian writer. Frankly — I’m glad for Alexei Dudareva, for his statement. In this regard, I wish to say the following. We have" poets ", on their declare the whole world, "the poet of Liberty," and they can not rhyme. Unlike these "poets" Alexei Dudarev can rhyme, he has not only dramaturgical art, and art versyfikatsyi. One of his own plays, he graduated from the poem and said that this poem Neklyaeva. But this was his verse, Dudareva. And play has our famous playwright quite poetic. And there is also a beautiful, deck, succinct epigram. Not terrible, by the way, than Gregory Baradulin. So for me, nothing extraordinary is not that at "Slavic market" Alexei Dudarev acted as a poet. "
"Belarus to the Russian Federation or eyes turned not back, and because God has put"
Scoble: "A challenging song heard in the country day festival of so-called unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia. In doing Anatoly Yarmolenko" Syabry "sounded almost follow:" Our homeland — close, Lithuania — right, and Ukraine — on the left side of the river. Neighbor Poland — at the rate directly, but we are here in the center, and we submit to the hand. "Immediately imposed question — what part of the body is turned to the brotherly Belarus and the Russian Federation where is it going? Song at first glance, it sounds parodic, but later I thought: What if this is a political statement, expressed in the form of so unique? "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "The text you quoted song reminds Geographical Study. General," Slavic market "- certainly a political phenomenon. On it are always well-known politicians. And it is no coincidence. I remember several years ago in his speech, President Vladimir Putin has emphasized relatively that Vitebsk — Belarus is the city. Hearing this was very nice. I wish that this festival with our Belarusian side was not internationally Slavonic and Belarusian-Slavic. This would be the most best policy. Regarding how worth Belarus to of — sight or back … I think that no eyes and not your back, but because God has appointed. "
Scoble"At the moment there is fashion for old songs. Ales Kamotskii even released an album" Songs from the parent disk ": there are Russian songs, translated them into the Belarusian language. And in my bewildered question where Belarusian old hits, replied that subcortex it — only Russian. Did you know our songs, decent return on the air and on the stage? "
Dranko-Maisyuk"I know a lot of these songs, I was, quite honestly, astonished expression pochetaemogo Ales Kamotskii. General, so in our opinion, it is in Belarusian — do not know her, and sometimes even their stamp down. At one point, an employee Kamotskii in the newspaper "Nasha Niva" was even trickier — say, Belarusian writers write not like human beings. can not imagine that the Armenian artist said so about the Armenian writers and Estonian — an Estonian. way, hit — it is not only enjoying the popular song this concept is broader. Schlager — is also just a prestigious piece of music, say, an instrumental piece. Such works have quite. songs recall the words of Isaac Luban Adam Rusak, "Bless you", "Do not look at others," "Only with you, "" not looking. "Recall Yevgeny Glebov instrumental pieces, for example, the well-known Adagio from the ballet" The Little Prince. "And the songs Igor Luchenok known to everybody as Edward and songs of Hank! Their list is simply unrealistic. A song Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich By the way, the words of the same Kamotskii — do not they Belarusian hits? Are they not
worthy of attention? "
"I — for a reasonable censorship, as in our live anarchy reigns, sounds that touches the soul, not the music reigns and psevdamuzyka, not poetry, and psevdapaeziya"
Scoble"Leonid, when I listen to contemporary songs, including those heard on" Slavic market "me from time to time becomes terrible. How to get rid of the bad taste and graphomania, flooded song Live?"
Dranko-Maisyuk"I — for a reasonable censorship. I — for the fact that on television and radio, on the same" Slavic market "existed artistic councils. On our stage, anarchy reigns in the air, sounds that should not sound that touches the soul . kingdom is not music, and psevdamuzyka, not poetry, and psevdapaeziya. From time to time our artists behave as if they are not citizens of the Republic of Belarus, and some workers "Ryazan Oblast Philharmonic." I am confident that the current pop anticulture corrupts children. Well fine, you have brought 14-year-old girlfriend on stage taught her to dance, but do not kid in panel and paint stripping him sponges and eye … "
"Our singers who sing in Russian, consciously put themselves in the tenth series of adjoining culture, I’m not saying where they are, when they begin to sing in English …"
Scoble"Due to the fact that the ethereal space narrowing Belarusian songs, composers often bought poet Russian texts. Not did you try to write songs in Russian?"
Dranko-Maisyuk"I always renounces offers for our singers to write in Russian. And such proposals were, and quite ghostly, currency, and sometimes even financial perspective. Consider afford it unacceptable — not write in Belarusian. Our singers who sing in Russian, consciously put themselves even in the second and in the third and the tenth series of adjoining culture. I’m not saying where they are, when they begin to sing in English. Well, if they want to be there, and then let the fascinating world … We only Belarusian song, only Belarusian language! Naturally, the common world, and not pop. "
"Pro fees creators better to remain silent because they are inconspicuous as satisfaction in old age"
Scoble"The songs creativity, as well as at least some creativity should be assessed accordingly. Denkov Here and we learned that he was awarded the Order of Scorina head of Russian Cossack Chorus and composer Alexander Pakhmutova won so called allied countries, and was even named the amount — 112 thousand dollars. And whether now some fixed real reward creator songs? Or here too as someone with whom we agree? "
Dranko-Maisyuk"I am very happy for the control of the Kuban Cossack Choir and Alexandra Nikolaevna Pakhmutova. Think that such huge sums would not hurt and Belarusian creators. About our fees is better to remain silent because they are inconspicuous as satisfaction in old age. Though any honorarium Politics in our country is, maybe it is not entirely based on the belief obmyslennaya creators — poets and composers. know that they are not always happy with those fees, which are obtained. But I’m an optimist, I believe in the happy future of the Belarusian songs. At one time Peter Glebko came to the conclusion that the song — it’s the main Belarusian genre, as well as the main Russian genre — epic, and the main Ukrainian genre — thought. And because the song in Belarusian Belarusian land will live! "
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