SLM wish to keep under control through a single election list

Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko told "Freedom" on how selected applicants:
"These are people which had experience of state or parliamentary activities. Second aspect — the base, for example, legal education. And third — work international observers. In short, these are people who know the electoral process. "
I beg to refer to the sovereign Korneenko some names of candidates for work in DECs:
"Here in our list are two former country manager — Mieczyslaw Mushroom and Stanislav Shushkevich. Has a past mayor of Gomel Svetlana Galdade. There are two former Minister Pavel Kozlovsky and Alexander pine. There are active members of the regional level — for example, Valentine Kudlatskaya of Verkhnedvinsk. And we will do presentation of the list, first our voters. "
Coordinator notice that the current legislation allows you to have one of the district commission almost two 10-ka members. "Why, then, is isolated and surrounded by the democratic forces only one person?." My companion says:

We demand the required minimum …

"Here very principle highlight our modesty requirements. We’re not going to pretend, that the commission came about half of our representatives. But we require the necessary minimum, which has permitted to keep under control the electoral process. After all, that we recognize the election results, you need the same build as they happen. Because we allocate one representative.
This does not mean that there will be other similar initiatives. But our list — the only list of the United Democratic Forces. CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina somehow readand that we do not have such powers. And we believe that we are. Nominate our candidates from this list, we will be according to the electoral law — from political parties or via collecting signatures humans. But the very existence of such a list are a demonstration of our position. "
After this meeting the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces left instead of the 46 members of the fortieth reduction came at the expense of 2-seats registered in the Czech Republic "Junior Front"Which came out earlier SLM. A two representatives officially unregistered parties — Democratic Party (Narodnaya whopper) Statkevich and Freedom and Progress Party Vladimir Navasyad — announced that they suspend their activities in the political council.

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