Spontaneous rebellion in the street Gamarnika

Yesterday and today in Minsk city district "Greenish Meadow" people protested against the construction of the house between number 20 and the shopping center "Vitebsk" street Gamarnika 12-storey building. The action ended detention of one of the activists of the campaign of disobedience, one of the participants has to assure the beating in the hospital.
Inhabitants Gamarnika streets protesting against buildings. In addition, under the new homes that depart sidewalks, playgrounds and other infrastructure inhabitants suspect grayish scheme during the admission of the client company to build. A day or two there were spontaneous protests. Now the police took a statement from one of the participating shares Nina Narubai, which together with the other tried to block the road construction equipment. Another participant, Marina, going to the hospital to assure traces of beatings purchased on site:
"Powers, giving me these lattice which is fenced building. While keeping the general director of the construction company. I even have a photo of him and managed to take it off the phone. Use force only since I wanted to block the road, so there is not stopped crane . turned out that my mother kept the police took her away from the road, and I tried to stop the crane. But what can you do against a two-meter broad-men? Naturally, he had me pinned to the wall of the car and drove quietly. I have already decided now I’ll go take a beating. A whether there that will be. "
Dmitry Narubai, scion detained Ms. Nina knows that none of the stakeholders are not willing to negotiate with the outraged residents of homes that are adjacent to the project site:
"We tried a couple of times to invite representatives of the administration of our district, building owner — the company" Karpovich. "But we just do not want to talk anybody in general. Got answer now from the Municipal Supervision in which they directly wrote: I do not have the capacity to solve our problems . other words, it decide on the level of either the Council of Ministers or of the City Committee. A City Council refers to seal construction, in other words on a huge amount of building area home. I really do not want this all got politicized subtext, but, apparently, specifically to this all goes. "
Dmitry adds that power to intimidate the inhabitants of the shares does not work, because the action — is not natural, and motivated — will last.
One of the initiators of the campaign against the "ushchylnennya" urban development in the neighborhood "Greenish Meadow" Gleb Roubanov currently engaged in that examines the legality of the rules in accordance with which development is carried between the shopping center "Vitebsk" and house number 20:
"Indeed, we have a policy seal. But it is formally directed to ensure that affordable housing is constructed first. I studied the current status and actual policy now looks like this: if a company wants to build a house, which is positioned as the everyday comfort and not inflated almost social housing, the lights in front of her "green light." If there is absolutely enormous contradictions give this land. checked the site the lack of missile silos, relatively speaking, and give. If built luxury housing, and there quite a different order. And with those documents that we currently have, we litsezreem "Karpovich," to put it mildly cheated. Likely, the situation is that "Karpovich" here plans to build luxury housing: with a sketch is fully understood that this elite home. But the plot he received on said scheme "greenish street." In other words, without the auction, with matching high-spirited. "
Inhabitants require municipalities test their own suspicions about not quite legitimate outlet earthen area under construction. Reciprocity in the concerned structures they do not find.

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