Spring disease in women — cystitis


Spring — a time when a woman's body is most vulnerable to various diseases, in addition to stress and lack of vitamins, the most common problem is cystitis. Cystitis appears not only because of supercooling, but for other reasons. Cystitis — a rather insidious disease, as it can take place virtually asymptomatic. To dispel all the myths we have talked to a gynecologist clinic network "MedCenterService" — Svetlana V. Petrova.

Svetlana V., tell me what the cause of cystitis?

Usually the cause of cystitis are trapped in the bladder through the urethra to bacteria. The most common causative agent is Escherichia coli (E. coli) normally found in the rectum, although other bacteria or disease can also cause cystitis. It is equally common cause — Hypothermia. Another cause — urethritis after sexual intercourse. Symptoms usually develop within 12 hours after sexual intercourse.

Many people confuse cystitis with other inflammatory diseases, what would you say?

Cystitis begins with the destruction of the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder. Cystitis appear urge to urinate frequently, which runs painful and delivers a strong discomfort. Also cystitis there is irritability and fever. In order not to face this unpleasant disease, I advise everyone to dress warmly and do not supercool, if you are still sick, you should consult a specialist. After confirmation of the diagnosis by the attending doctor prescribes antibiotics inhibiting agent of cystitis. Usually Antibiotics are accepted within 10 days. The doctor recommends teas diuretic herbs and drinking plenty of fluids, and antispasmodic drugs to reduce false and micturition.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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