Standing on the roller logo Dainova …

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938, reports on the results of examinations by language in the third middle school work: "In the eighth class of 26 students on the dictation excellent ratings received only 2 people., Medium — 13 pers., Evil and very bad — 11 people. 5 In class of 14 people. 8 got bad and very bad evaluation. Similar results for whiteRussian language and in the seventh grade. Is noteworthy to note that in the parallel fifth grade, where he teaches another teacher, an even greater fortune students from 27 pers. 4 passed as "excellent", 5 — "excellent", 7 — to "mediocre" and 1 — to "poor."
"Evening Minsk", year 1968. The newspaper informs: "I think many people would be interested Minskers look rugby — a game that vserasprostranena in almost all countries, and that in our country begins to win "a place under the sun." Let’s not forget what has actually resolved the question of the recognition of rugby an Olympic sport. Need to loaf about the venue. Maybe it needs to spend at the stadium "Dinamo", in other words, exactly where more than 30 years ago hosted the first international match in the country Minsk and Moscow. "
* "Name", year 1998. On this week on the pages of the weekly Igor Varashkevich knows: "We have no videos. was one clip for the song" Gomel Waltz. "But are we to blame for the fact that this song is buried? Fact, that video was the logo "Dainova" because it was filmed at the expense of the company. However, I think if I was the logo "BPYU" clip and spun until now BT would live. "

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