Stop feeding the Caucasus! As well as the Far East, Yakutia, Pskov, Penza …

Is it so hard to feed the Caucasus?

One of permanent tales natsdemov is the claim that the North Caucasus is spent almost half of Russia's budget. Even its main slogan made the slogan "Stop feeding the Caucasus" (SPC). I intend here to prove that all this is largely a myth.

To understand the actual financing of the North Caucasus, see "Reporting on the implementation of the budgets of the Russian Federation and local budgets for 2010."

It's amazing, a leader in the list of regions in terms of cash infusion is not the Caucasus. However, here is some evidence of this.

1. Rating federal districts of Russia in absolute value "gratuitously to the budgets of federal districts":

2. Rating federal districts of Russia largest "gratuitously to the budgets of federal districts of regions' per capita:

The most objective indicator of the level of subsidization of the Federal District, it grants per capita, as we see, the level of subsidies per capita in the Far East account for 134% of the level of subsidies for the North Caucasus.

3. Rating federal districts in Russia in terms of a "consolidated regional budgets of federal districts' per capita:


Well, where the slogans "Stop feeding the Chukotka and Volga region" and etc..? Or all depends on the Caucasus? It's just different. Loosening the situation in the Caucasus, west, with the help of his friends in Russia, wants to completely destroy Russia. But more on that in another article. If you happen to not believe the blogger, who goes under the businessmsk, you can download the information from the site roskazni there.

Along the way, and will have to expose another myth, too, is associated with the financing of the North Caucasus. Or rather I did it to a blogger to Learn, under the name taurvat.

I recall the essence of the matter. In September, reported that the Ministry of Regional Development intends to seek appropriations 5.5 trillion rubles from the state budget for long-term investments in the economy of the Caucasus.

The news was immediately Yegor Kholmogorov published in his blog. And as always distorted beyond recognition. But as soon as the above blogger to ask a few questions as Yegor began to give back. I will not give here their discussion. You are free to read it all here.

Well, we made sure that the funding of the Caucasus are not that huge, according natsdemy.

Well, and what slogans should be in this case?

But the true meaning of separation of the Caucasus from Russia: A key factor in the North Caucasus Resource — about two thirds of Russia's withdrawal from the Caspian Sea, which is a key energy deposit and a key logistical base in the world. Proven oil reserves in the Caspian Sea are about 10 billion tons ($ 8 trillion), total geological oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea are estimated at 26 to 40 billion tons of standard coal. I'm not taking into account Geopolitics …

Link to author of the article. Link to Federal Treasury

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