Surgeons Krasnoyarsk KB conducted a unique operation

Doctors Krasnoyarsk regional clinical hospital for the first time conducted a unique operation to restore hearing. 

The operation was done with the use of technology to install the world's first implant of the middle ear, "vibrating sound bridge." With it, you can return the hearing for people suffering from hearing loss II and III.
For surgical intervention in the regional center came MD, a leading surgeon of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech Health Ministry of Russia Vladislav Kuzovkov and Austrian audiologist, a clinical consultant Innsbruck Medical University Suhaib al-Bargoti.

"During the operation, in the middle ear implant is implanted: under the patient's skin is sewn magnet, which is attached to an audio processor with the amplifier. It is invisible beneath the hair and do not cause any inconvenience. Thanks to this feature, we can help people who for various reasons can not use hearing aids. These are patients who have not yet completely lost their hearing, but can not normally feel in the community — said Vladislav Kuzovkov. — The technology is also unique in that, after the first inclusion is not necessary any longer periods of rehabilitation, the man immediately returned to normal. "

"The operation takes 1.5 to 2 hours, and after 7 days, the patient can be discharged from the hospital. After 6 weeks, when it's complete healing, the doctor will connect and configure the processor, which will allow the patient to fully hear the sound with virtually no distortion. In the future, will only need to change the batteries every six months and checkups, "- added in the press service of the Ministry of Health.

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