SWAT did not give hold solidarity rally

At 18.00 about 50 representatives political parties and movements gathered on October Square in character protest increased repression against activists of the democratic society. UDF activists demand release of detained activists, who are being held in remand as suspicious explosion during a gala concert on July 4.
Protesters ousted from October Square. During displacement was beaten favorite Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko. "Riot policemen began to push people from the area. I protested and asked on what grounds do not give people just stand with portraits. Riot police asked to introduce myself. In response, I began to push, peel down. After 5-6 people started to peel from all sides, there was a strong blow to the stomach, in the eyes darkened, I was pushed to the cobblestones, 5 times later knocked down. Ran son, a few more people. A few minutes could not breathe, "- said Anatoly Lebedko.
interview to the "Charter 97"
Withdrawing people from the area, commandos led them Kupala street. Demonstrators moved towards column Suvorov — now at their prom. Policemen divorced two columns — one was held on the left side of the street, the second — on the right.
After the column turned onto the street and went to Kuibyshev Street Maxim Bogdanovich.
Column always comped two people who constantly shouted slogans shouted the demonstrators that they "sold the U.S.", "serve Bush" and similar. The commandos did not allow them to make observations, and so they went to the street behind a pillar of Maxim Bogdanovich.
At the crossroads of Varvashenya Bogdanovich and near the casino "Snow White Tower" demonstrators and riot police have seen an empty packet of juice, and it caused laughter and some have and others.
Finally came the order — no one delay. Initially, have allowed to get away from the crowd Ivashkevich, and later gave another to disperse demonstrators.
The two who always loudly insulted people took two commandos, guarded taken aside and released.
So makarom, action which, in fact, failed to pass on October Square, over shop around "Matryoshka" street Maxim Bogdanovich. Detainees at the time of dissolution was not.

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