Sweden and Switzerland will be engaged in joint development of Gripen fighter

Sweden and Switzerland will be engaged in joint development of Gripen fighter

Switzerland has decided to take part in the development of an advanced version of the Swedish fighter Saab JAS 39 Gripen, reports Aviation Week.

It is about combat aircraft Gripen NG. As a result, the implementation of joint programs from the BBC and Switzerland actually get adopted similar modifications fighter. Due to the joint development of Gripen NG parties expect to save on the development and procurement of aircraft. Details about this project yet unidentified.

Sweden leads the development of Gripen NG 2007. Plane is created based on JAS 39C / D Gripen. Layout promising aircraft made the first flight in May 2008. The main characteristics of the latest machines are unknown yet. It is expected that it will be harder and hoisting its predecessor, receive the latest avionics, engines, weapons control system and radar with active phased array antenna. Previously, the Swiss Air Force announced plans to acquire 60-80 fighter Gripen NG.

In 2011, the Swiss government conducted a tender for the supply of 22 new combat aircraft, which should change the Air Force obsolete F-5 Tiger II. In the competition participated company Saab, Dassault and Eurofighter, which offered military fighter Gripen, Rafale and Typhoon respectively. The tender was awarded Gripen, although he scored fewer points in the process of testing.

According to the Swiss government, Gripen fully meets the requirements of the military, but with all this is cheaper own rivals. Initially, the first plane Switzerland expected to receive in 2015. Now, because of the role in a joint development program there Gripen NG, the purchase of which will produce the Swiss authorities instead of the previous version JAS 39 aircraft will take delivery of the first three years later — in 2018. The last of the 22 fighters Switzerland expects to adopt in 2020.

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