Proposed image T-60 version of Peter Butovo — Russian correspondent AIR International.

Project supersonic medium-range bombers OKB «Pendant» (Later — it. Sukhoi), substitution of the Tu-22M3. R & D pilot project launched on the basis of promising bomber T-60 TsAGI proposed in 1981 In developing the preliminary design T-60 TsAGI and Project T-60S in OKB. Sukhoi applied generation bomber project T-4MS of the same size. Chief Designer — N.Chernyakov, the leading designer of projects — V.F.Marov. Perhaps in 1982-1983 yy after purging models T-60 pilot project in the pipes TsAGI T-106. T-112 and T-113 and the rejection of «two-pipe» Turbofan engines produced by rearrangement of the project type, which we considered T-60S. Adoption of the aircraft into service planned for 2003 after the change of control Apparently KB in 1983-1985 came another change project «to 54». Clear visual identification of the aircraft is not. By deflotu — TTX tentative preliminary design TsAGI T-60.
— T-60 (avanproekt TsAGI) — 2 x turbofan engines with variable bypass ratio («double-tube») with flat nozzles Rybinsk Motors KB (chief designer — P.A.Kolesov, the original sources for T-60S incorrectly named «Spike» ;); engine passed bench tests KB P.A.Kolesova. Link to 23500 kg (estimated).
— T-60S (project Sukhoi Design Bureau) — 2 x R-79 turbofan thrust of 18,500 kg, and later P-179-300 or AL-41F (article 20) thrust of 18500-21000 kg.
Airframe was designed with the introduction of modern composite materials with internal placement of the payload. The design used radar signature reduction technologies. In the preliminary design TsAGI used variable geometry wing and general assembly of the T-4 ML. In our opinion, the final draft of the T-60C is used everyday delta wing and fuselage assembly is built (similar Su-27) with the smallest size and weight. In a more recent project «to 54» there was a return to the assembly of T-60.
— 40 m
— 31.3-40 m (evaluation, T-60S)
— 24-37 m
— 19.6-25 m (evaluation, T-60S)
Wing sweep — 30-70 degrees.
— 10 m
— 7.5-8 m (evaluation, T-60S)
Take-off weight overall — about 85,000 kg
Take-off weight — 80,000 kg
Empty weight — about 32,000 kg
Maksimlanaya payload weight — 20000 kg
Maksimlanaya speed (at high altitude) — 2.04M
Cruising speed (at high altitude) — 2.02M
Highest Range — 6000 km
Range with the highest Mo — 2200 km
Practical ceiling — 20,000 m
Cruising ceiling — 15,000 m
Armament — 4-6 CBRC or aeroballistic missiles on the inner drum type suspension MKU6-172. Possible types CBRC — AS-15 / X-55, AS-16 / X-15, X-101, anti-radar missiles Kh-31.
Complex avionics W-141 was developed SKB «Earth» CSPA «Leninist» (Chief designer M.A.Gramagin) in 1985-1990 Su-27IB (Su-34) and T-60S.

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