Tatyana Kim: I do not want mercy, I, I want justice ‘

July 22 board of the Minsk City Court discerned complaints 10 of 14 inmates of the protesters on 10 January. Let me remind you, it was a rally in Minsk, where entrepreneurs protested against restrictions on the right to hire workers. After the rally, police arrested a number of its participants, they were convicted by the Administrative Code, and 14 public activists were later sentenced to the same as criminal offenders. Among them Andrew Kim, who was sentenced 1.5 years in prison. 7 more of the protesters were sentenced to two years probation, and got 2 huge fines. According to the court, they violated the order to override the public transport movement, and Andrew Kim also Tipo attacked a policeman.
Anton Koipish, only one of the convicts, who now come to the consideration of private complaints in urban tribunal justified why he considers unreasonable verdict:
"Not one witness has not shown me. Precisely, one eyewitness revealed, but read about the events of January 21 and the prosecution concerning the events on January 10. Regarding videadokazav, they are not permitted by law, because it is unclear where he was hiding."
Division of the City Court consisted of Vladimir Nazarenko, Sergei Khripatch yes Valentina Curve. Chairman of the board Vladimir Nazarenko early dismissed the petition on the conduct of the process on whiteRussian language. Then referee Sergei Khripatch read compressed data on all 10 convicts. Let me remind you, except Anton Koipish it is also Andrei Kim, Misha Pashkevich, Misha Kryvau, Vladimir Sergeev, Tatiana Tsishkevich Alexander Streltsov, Alexander Bondar, Artem Dubovsky and Alexander Chernyshev.
Their position was posted on the court and lawyers. They insisted that the verdict was not based on confirmations and absolutely repeats the accusation that they dubbed "unacceptable generalized." Patrons were asked to complete the deal in general or to reconsider. Lawyer Andrew Kim Tamara Sidorenko requested the Tribunal at least mitigate the sentence her client. Tamara Sidorenko told the court about the unhealthy heart and eyes Andrei Kim also that young people are ready to take on the job if it will change the sentence to a suspended sentence. I recall the past six months Andrei Kim is behind bars. At the moment it is placed in Bobruisk colony.
Quite fate complaints Andrei Kim and 9 others ventured in a closed room for 5 minutes. Judicial board upheld the judgment of the Central District Court of Minsk constant.
Mom Andrei Kim said that very disappointed by this decision, even though he knew that excuse her offspring would be a miracle:
"The lawyers explained to all that the sentence is illegal. But where is justice expect? They human life — nothing. But that does not reduce the sentence, then I do not want mercy, I want justice. Either he killed someone or caused harm to the state? What grace to ask, for what? For what he did, or for what he said, that thinks? "
And ah commented sentenced Andrei Kim his lawyer Tamara Sidorenko:
"Even if the tribunal did not agree with us as to the true confirmation or fake, but relatively Andrei Kim was absolutely indisputable argument. Could not lure him to liability under Article for bodily injury to a police officer, and WHOcould — under performance of duty. But even this is not the tribunal heard, although it is legally indisputable fact. Because it raises doubts or tribunal wanted us to listen to and respect other parts of our complaints. "
Tatyana Kim said that she was a lawyer decided to appeal to the higher courts. According to mum activist of the same decision not wait and from other convicts.

Tatyana Kim a lawyer Tamara Sidorenko

Sentenced to a fine activist Anton Koipish

Pending the decision of the Board

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