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In a small town Bzenets first summer it became stale air from the trucks. This place — vinagradnitskaya Pearl South Moravia, which was struck by the beauty in time Cyril and methods that preached in these places. Thanks to our own strategic placement of a Czech place was never quiet province. To Vienna, less than 100 km from here, in two hours you can be in Bratislava.

But such traffic here is not remembered. On someone’s short-sightedness at the same time in the region started to repair the 2-roads and 1st bridge and the entire movement rejected just through Bzenets. Congestion on wheels did not give funny day to cross the street, and NIGHT MODE relaxed sleep. Neighbor finished read "zdrasti" to a friend across the road. After all, this was the normal settlement planning: all the main buildings, both on the thread were strung onto the main road. A traffic light has not made here. People had hoped in vain that the local police will reject the motion or at least to control its speed.

Then people agreed … One day one move together, those who could walk, move or somehow move. Seniors were more vigorous and resolute for the young: grandmothers took their sticks, old men were holding bicycle, well, small traveling in wheelchairs — modern and vintage, woven by local craftsmen Vinogradova vines. People just crossing the road in the snow-white stripes designated place — one procession went there, the other — back. Back and forth, back and forth, and so an hour.

The column stopped trucks stretched for miles, Czech radio and television broadcasting and live led myself, once the case at this place several times ran across that transition — there and back. My grandmother, who grabbed my hand and smiled, "Well, let them see that we are not sheep."

Overlapping of the road as a form of protest — not news. In this action I was amazed how well behaved all sides: the police did not make a protocol, but warns the driver, the driver is not sygnalili but used the sudden theatrical pause, mestechkovtsy strolled peacefully step rulers position. A couple of times they stopped their walk back and forth, in order to give drive by bus or frisky. The leader of the village, who was giving an interview to say: I thank the citizens who own an active position to help us solve the problem of.
When we drove a hundred miles from mo Bzentsa on the radio said the company, which carries out the reconstruction of the bridge in the districts pledged to reduce the period for two months …

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