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June 3 marks 20 years as a newspaper "Literature and Art" posted an article Zeno Pozniak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. The road of perdition. " This was the beginning of revealing the truth about the massacre the inhabitants of Belarus during Stalin’s repressions. A Kurapaty became a place of honoring the memory of all the innocent tortured. Call the listener:
Emperor Vladimir Pisaruk: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! Many thanks to you for Kurapaty, yesterday I saw this beauty! Thank designer who put this icon, and thanks to those who restore order in Kurapaty. Juho Vladimir S. And thank you so much. Please tell him. His very much. He’s my last teacher. "
Belarusian authorities argue the necessity of celebration at the municipal level prazdnichka new — days of his father. Comment listener:
Man: "There are day tourist tankista. Mothers day there, ladies. Insulted only" father ", man. But they say, father’s day soon will make a calendar. Males will celebrate, raise a glass, all parents — their own and others — to remember. I, for example, remember his father, uncle and even Lukashenko father. "
Further expression of socio-political theme:
Man: "On the days are coming in Pinsk Nicholas Prokopovych. It read that grows the economy, produced a lot of products, read about the stability of the Belarusian ruble yes general read what we always hear. And when people started to ask him about the payment of contributions, it is nothing certain intelligible and did not answer. other words, like any officially reported that the economy has been booming, compensation of the contributions people have not seen. But it might just have a positive impact on the economy, because if people give money, they later their return by buying products, services, etc.. But it seems nobody cares. And last empty debate that we all excellent, beautiful life, etc.. And more. If our president met youth, he read many wonderful words. But he did not say that no matter how conscientious, good, clever as they are, they do not create the presidency in our country, because the president Tipo privatized it. They fail to become presidents of other countries, but not only in Belarus. "
Aaplet continue statements in the address Radio Liberty:
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I heard your broadcast about how not many children’s literature. All this is true. And where does it will be a lot or even more? I suggested benefit salfezhye, reached the top, as they say. If the Administration of the President can not loaf at kids, it is somehow possible to realize. But if the Academy of Music this can not realize and believe that children need to think in categories by their hands, calloused these crackers, then what you can carry it? I proposed a theory in a tale cleared based on folklore of many examples of different states. stabbed All this, as they say. And what kids like, when such program there’re lessons, no one is curious. "
Man: "What about the work of Radio Liberty. Often inform where and when actions take place, where gather supporters of democracy and justice. Put more materials about the history of Belarus. They raise consciousness and dignity of Belarusians".

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