The cleaner the earth, the louder the song of the nightingale

At the edge of the territory of the nightingale is a unique monument of nature — Central Black Earth Nature Reserve of Professor Alekhine. Today its territory Regional Committee of Information and Press Department in conjunction with the Environmental Safety and Environmental Kursk region for journalists held a press tour on "Nightingale night in Kursk. Census of nightingales. " 

Andrey Vlasov, director of the Reserve believes that the nightingale a long time and on the right is the living symbol of the Kursk region. The song of the nightingale Kursk counts from 8 to 14 level: flute, clicking, scream, whistle, and many other variations. Some people can even make out the individual words. Today, journalists were able to hear the nightingale warbling themselves.

— Best places nightingale — shrubs, especially along rivers, along the banks of ponds, edges of woods, on vacant lots. In our region nightingales are usually returned in late April. This year, their first song was recorded on April 28. The male guards the nest period in their territory. The song — a signal to competitors: the place is busy. Only the males sing most active early in the morning and in the evening dawn. Singing male involves future wife. The most nightingale places traditionally considered the tract Nightingale Grove and Soljanka — said the deputy director for environmental education Reserve Valentine Soshnina. In general, these sweet-voiced singers do not settle for environmentally dirty areas. So, the purer and more beautiful is our land, the more often and the nightingales sing louder.

From 17 to 19 May will be held in Kursk environmental action "Nightingale Night" to record the singing of nightingales. This action is interesting in that it does not take into account the nightingales specialists, ornithologists, and the inhabitants of the region, indicating the address of the nightingale in reserve by phone 8-920-264-84-03, 8-920-703-00-20. The problem — not just count the nightingales singing in the city, but also to identify the most active people who are not indifferent to the state of the natural world around them.

This action was carried out in Kursk from 2004 to 2006. The results were as follows: 2004 — 370-400 copies, 2005 — 300-330, and 2006 — 470-500.

It is worth noting that in Kursk on the basis of "Regional Children's recreational and educational center of tourism, local history and Excursions" is a museum of "Kursk Nightingale" is headed by Love Eremina. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to a Nightingale. He created June 4, 2007. It collected more than 500 exhibits at the nightingale theme. Only originals — more than 200 units.

The museum exhibits the following groups of materials and museum objects: a Brigand, historical data on the origin of the expression "Kursk Nightingale", encyclopedic data about these birds, books, gifts Kursk poets in praise of the nightingale, the materials about the people in their homeland called " of Kursk nightingales ", etc. That is, the theme of the nightingale is presented in a variety of ways.

In the night from 15 to 16 May and from 16 to 17 May from 22.00 to 3.00, the museum will take place the night open house.

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