The cost of gas for Europe — 410 bucks

According to Miller, "Gazprom" determines the budget and size of investment in 2008, based on the fact that the average export price will be 310 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. But few months, the price has been adjusted to $ 400. Miller said that by mid-year, the average price is now around 410 bucks for a thousand cubic meters, and "will continue to grow."
Head of "Gazprom" stressed that the main thing for the European partners — it is not worth, and stability, "consumers is important to know that Russian gas will always have them." Alexei Miller said Europe for "Gazprom" — number one market, "we are ready to supply as tracings evrapetsam useful, based on effective demand", — he saw.
Russian salting before yesterday to Belarus Alexander Surikov said that in 2009 cost of gas Belarus will be about $ 200, and in 2011 — about 400 bucks. Government is developing a budget for 2009, based on the price of gas at 140 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Yesterday, speaking in House of Representatives, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov explained to that due to the fact Belarus Our homeland and enter the customs alliance and gas supplies to Belarus will be charged the export duty, the prices for Belarus will in Anyway 30% lower than for the neighbors

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