The defendants in police uniform

Opposition to complaints, which beat the police during his arrest, usually given by the usual answer: "on your application checked. Acts police officers recognized as lawful."
In cases where people are injured and are reported by doctors are usually two options — either with reference to that which is unreal to know the identity of those policemen who caused damage, or — that the police acted within the permissible under operational circumstances.
Svetlana Zavadskaja that banged commando during acceleration "human chain" in memory of her husband, and not also achieved, that lured policemen to justice.
"I hope that in our present circumstances, which reigns in Belarus, can somehow be punished these people. Judging by the fact that the prosecutor’s office, courts and manages one person, then, of course, the truth is nowhere to reach. But you need to fight, "- said Dmitry mother, Olga Zavadskaja.
A couple of years handy victims and their relatives to the dock were Pershamaiski district police led by a police major Kramsaevym. They tortured detainees during interrogations. Several people were maimed.
When the police beat to death watch factory shift supervisor Alexander Kulakov, lured them to justice only after, as the offspring of the deceased, recognizable hockey player turned to Alexander Lukashenko to resume the investigation.
From time to time people who turn to a higher authority with a complaint against the police officers act, face dangers and withdraw their complaints.
Peasant Alexander Iris came now to October Square to draw attention to his own business. He told "Radio Liberty", which complained to the Department of Corrections to perform acts of employees Shklou penal colony, where his son is serving his sentence.
Sp.Kasach said that the police forced relatives of the executed transfer funds into the account of the colony, also bring a variety of things in exchange for the promise of a date. After man visited the Department, he was faced with threats from the police.
"If you want to meet with offspring, bring paint, leashes lighting, perechti funds to be named. When I contacted the department, so they got incognito, they called in the colony and uttered that my offspring complains.
Then he uttered it, that he left to live a little … Understand it is very hard to bring this matter to court. But I’ll try. Faced with different people, and they say they are, which is practically impossible to bring a matter to its logical end. "
Ales Iris was now on October Square with a sign to direct the attention of the authorities to the arbitrariness of officials Shklou colony until it was removed from there not policemen.
More than 10 people who were beaten during a violent dispersal of groups of young people on Independence Avenue in This year March 25, seek medical help. Doctors in the clinic called the police. On several days of victims received answers that while being tested.
In practice, prosecutors often bring to court criminal cases against police officers accused of bribery, drug dealing, murder or rape. Cases of those who blame beating detainees fall into the courts rarely enough.

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