The diet of the family again, it becomes an important fat

Many Grodno expostulate that the increase in prices was creeping, and it is nowhere written. Every time you come to the store and see what the price of milk for cheese and all the other constantly grow — then 20 rubles, the two converge on. Grodno Romanovich family tends to give birth to yourself such a situation, as All other. Alla Romanovich works as a teacher, and in them, as you know, is not very huge salary, it reads:
"So, it has become difficult. This also applies to payment of utilities: even on the water, we have registered five people, the cost has increased by 10 thousand rubles, for gas — also 10. And if we attach more expensive food here, the household budget it is very there. "

We tried to have food corresponded to a certain level, because we limit ourselves in other things

Or falls themselves in something limit now, if associated with the beginning of the year?
Lady: "We have a baby, and we try to keep a certain level of food was adequate, because we limit ourselves in any other things — at home, in clothes, so little it all done with caution."
In such a situation it becomes an important anew bacon and sausage finger Phanom village. Incidentally, the head of the family — Ivano rural mothers. But he set about food aid from the village rather skeptical:
"In the village there is no point to go, because they’re not counting the chickens do not keep anyone. Indeed pigs expensive to keep a cow has long become impossible in the farm took all fields where grass grows hay. The village has become milk themselves, although any Grandma can have a cow. only there until eggs are still, thank God. "
Once a year, mother of Ivan too certainly puts potatoes, usually collects eight sacks, although she does not need so much, and a lot of work. Why have you it matterseat? Asks-son, and all that in the village do — she says.

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