The European Parliament approved a new law on illegal migrants

Estimated professionals in 27 EU Member States may be about 8 million illegal immigrants. To This time the EU was not a common policy on illegal migrants. Thus, in France, according to the laws, illegal immigrants before they were deported, were kept in a day or 32 specialized agencies, in Hungary — one year in Latvia 20 months, a number of states did not have any restrictions.
Procedure to combat illegals will look further way. First detained illegals offered to leave the EU in the area for 30 days. But with all this, it is possible that they may be held for an additional 6 months, and then for another 12 months. This is the case if the migrant decides to abandon obey authorities hide. All this time people will stay behind bars until the desired paper prepared for extradition ..
In the case of the former illegal deportation would expect a five-year ban on race on the terrain of the EU.
EU Member States must comply with all this basic rights of detainees, including, render these people free legal aid. Minors and families with children can be delay only in exceptional cases. For example, if the detainees are not zahochut cooperate with authorities or when that or any other person will need to check in her native country.
The new law has already appeared first criticism. The European Parliament is the socialist deputies and greenish. A corresponding statement was made by the human rights organization Amnesty International. According to critics, the new measures to combat illegal immigrants will not solve the problems, besides they violate human rights. Politicians and human rights activists believe very longish periods of detention, and a five-year ban on returning to the EU as a whole justified. "The EU provides another example of a very bad world" — said today in a European study "the International Amnesty" in Brussels.

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