The festival Mighty God Belarus remained the only brand

Previously the festival organizers did alert on 3 languages: Belarusian, Russian and British. The last three years only in Russian. In the culture department of the Mogilev city executive committee in not behold the flaws. They say: Belarusian language two municipalities — Belarusian and Russian.
"We have the documents governing the writing of official, unofficial documents that may be on the Russian and BelarusianRussian languages. The Russian language is more accessible. We have 30 percent of the participants from Russia. Why can not we, when we have a choice to make in the Russian language? "- Said Deputy Head of culture Ira Zhabarava.
This year, the organizer of the festival is the Mogilev city executive committee. According to Ira Zhabaravay, the city on the Dnieper musicians come from eight countries in the world: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, the United States, China, Germany, Belarus and Russia.
Day before yesterday on Lenin Square unfurled: her performances are announced only Russian participants of the festival. All information, respectively, over the same only in Russian.

Stretching of the festival "God Almighty" in Lenin Square
City Council deputy Alexander Agueyev believes that the organizers such makarom enter at least not welcome:
"If we print in Russian, then we offend the other guests of the festival. And others that stare at their own language has no On the Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, or … It turns out that we do one pleasant, and to others are turned backwards. "
Authorities claim: we strive to make the festival city of Mogilev. Festival "God Almighty", "Animaevka" and "Golden Hit" — sign for the town. In addition, there are often organized Those Days zabugornogo movie. Alerts about these events and entirely in Russian.
Mogilev journalist Lena Borisova Considers it intolerable that no ads in their native language. It offends culture titular civilization — Belarusians, it reads:
"It’s just ignorance, I explain our officials from the culture. Happened and why such a phenomenon with our festival" God Almighty. "There was only a form, and even then not very not bad. Recall the former pieces of the festival’s opening, which was content! Now it Russian literary installation … "
Perfectly recognizable in the Belarusian-speaking circles Gennady Sudnik believes that the festival "God Almighty" for today’s government is totally alien:
"They slept, when it could close. "God Almighty" — a combination of the national idea and the Christian world of endless, what is called, which of course scares them and alarming. First festivals were infused to feel that we are the Belarusians. Of the state where maybe Christ is not enough, so we have quite what it is, people. "
As for the other festivals of Mogilev, then Gennady Sudnik notes they first thought as Belarusian and national.
Slips for the lead, "God" for the first time held in 1992. In This year it will be held for the sixteenth time. Title of the festival comes from the eponymous musical work poetess Natalia Arsenyev and composer Nikolai Rivne. According to the provisions, all the participants must know the hymn "God Almighty" in the original language.
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