The first Russian «Mistral» launched

The first Russian
Housing first Russian vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock (DVKD) type «Mistral» betrothed «Vladivostok», launched today on the water in France, in the port town of Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic coast.
Unique and historical event referred to the Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov, attended the launching ceremony. He expressed gratitude to the extraordinary command of the French Navy for assistance in training personnel «Vladivostok». Teal highlighted that work on the construction of the ship was an example of an exemplary interaction between spices from Russia and France.

During the descent of the water DVKD traditionally opened the ship’s name, and its board was broken champagne bottle. Helicopter also was consecrated according to Orthodox tradition.

Assembling «Vladivostok» in Saint-Nazaire, 20 percent. sections which (food) were made at a shipyard in St. Petersburg, conducted from February this year. Now the ship will undergo retrofitting Russian spices function in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Navy.

As ITAR-TASS said a source in the main headquarters of the Russian Navy, «Vladivostok» will be completed in France afloat to illumine 2014, after that, approximately, in late October — early November of next year will come to the Shipyard «Severnaya Verf» St. Petersburg for the installation of its Russian weapons. «Presumably,» Vladivostok «after all tests will be part of the Pacific Fleet (PF) at the end of 2014,» — he added.

Source said that the second Russian «Mistral» — «Sevastopol» — the construction of which takes in France, also will join the PAC. It must be passed in the Russian Federation in 2015 «for basing these 2-DVKD in the port of Vladivostok Spetsstroy forces are working to build coastal infrastructure, which are still only in the initial stage,» — he added.

Contract price of 1.2 billion euros for the construction of 2-French helicopter «Mistral» for the Russian Navy was signed in June 2011 in accordance with the agreement, the French side brought it in the original design of a number of configurations. One of the requirements was a fixture on the Russian side of ships to carry out combat missions in the criteria for low temperatures. In addition, France will assist in the training of personnel 2-DVKD and transmit RF technology to block construction of surface vessels, as combat information management system SENIT-9.

A source in the Russian defense industry told Itar-Tass that, according to the plans, the first two «Mistral» will be equipped launchers supersonic cruise missiles «Onyx» and long-range cruise missiles of the «Caliber», which are equipped with new nuclear submarine class «Ash «new systems and antiaircraft complexes and anti-submarine warfare. In addition, the «Mistral» perceive the group on board helicopters for various purposes, amphibious landing craft, boats, armored vehicles and other equipment and instrument. For disk imaging principal designer of «Kamov» Sergei Mikheyev, on Russian ships of the «Mistral» will be placed in the composition of 16 helicopters — eight Ka-52K and eight Ka-29 — in other words, equally combat and transport, but the composition may be changed regardless of goals.

According to the French company DCNS, «Mistral» for Russia also get gun mounts AK-630 caliber 30 mm in front of the starboard and the rear of the ship to port. SAM installation 3M47 «Bending» accommodate ahead to starboard and back — on the left.

As a primary surveillance radar station on Russian «Mistral» will be used French radar MRR-3D-NG production «Thales» (Thales), working in the G-band. Such radars are on the 3-class helicopter «Mistral» as part of the French Navy.

First amphibious assault ship of the «Mistral» was built in France in 2003 Today, as part of the French Navy three such vertoletonstsa — «Mistral», «Tonnerre» and «de Dixmude.» Ships are able to do four tasks at once: take helicopters landed on land military units, to be the center of command and floating hospital.

Displacement helicopter is 21 tons, maximum body length — 210 m, speed — 18 knots, range — up to 20 thousand miles. Number of crew — 170 people have benefited ship can carry 450 marines. Air Group includes 16 helicopters, of which 6 can be placed directly on the flight deck. The cargo deck can accommodate more than 40 tanks or 70 armored vehicles.

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