The former State Library can carry

Sovereign Astapovich allocated to BelaPAN that such makarom, one of small monuments era constructivism in Minsk will be destroyed.
Historian, the president instructed the government to predict the draft State vkladyvatelnoy programs from the 2009-2010 construction of a new building on the site of an old street Krasnoarmejsky 9. President Administration is entrusted with the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers and the Constitutional Tribunal within two months to submit proposals for the demolition of the former State Library and build in its place built the latest "building with a view of the structure that is demolished" to accommodate House of Representatives and Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, as the Constitutional Court.
Anton Astapovich noted that the demolition plans monument architecture era constructivism indicate, "the process of protection of historical and cultural heritage quite got out of the municipal and public scrutiny."
"The commission president indicates, that the process of destruction of monuments cut one first person in the country, as the government, the parliament and the Constitutional Court — bodies designed to protect the law, "- said Chairman of the Belarusian Volunteer Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture.
According to BelaPAN building BSSR State Lenin Library (later — State Library Republic of Belarus) Built in Minsk in the years 1929-1932 on the project designer ZHoru Lavrov. In Minsk survived several buildings in the style of constructivism or with its features in including factory kitchen, Government House, the Observatory, the Presidium of the State Academy and institute a number of buildings of the city.

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