The Ministry of Justice did not wait for the court decision, eliminating the structure of the BPF in Grodno

Ministry of Justice in April issued a written warning to the public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "due to the fact that her Grodno regional structure has no legal address. Representatives of the association said that this warning was unfounded. Reads Sojma BPF member Yuri Chausov:
"Through the efforts of the organization Lida, Hrodna regional organization has received legal adresok. And the Ministry of Justice reported that everything is made, documents are transferred. But for some reason they were not transferred. In those criteria in which we operate, this was necessary wait. Standard situation. On my eyes, requirements are very strict — regitsya ban on the flats. Former legal adresok was in the apartment, and claimed an administrative change. "
Now during the complaint revealed that the matter in dispute have already been eliminated: May 16, Department of Justice deregistered Hrodna regional company, it almost eliminated "They did not wait for the results of the trial. But we all know what decisions perceives tribunal. Court decision will announced on Friday and 12 hours, although no value is not allowed, since the Grodno regional organization eliminated. "
Human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich said:
"Prevention of the Ministry of Justice Actually only pursues political goals. Focused on the fact, that further limit the ability of public associations, political parties in their activities recently parliamentary elections. Eliminate the regional level structures drags certain restrictions on the nomination of representatives to election commissions and observation. Because it is a continuation of the stripping, recently held parliamentary elections, the other day presidential elections. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Justice reincarnated only punitive organ. "

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