The OSCE horseback, CEC remains

Will be sent to Minsk OSCE observers? As principal for the Belarusian administration has the West’s recognition of the parliamentary elections? These questions are answered political analyst Vitaly Silitski.
Tsigankov: "Their findings ODIHR experts will present Management Office and the OSCE. And only then it will be decided — or to send international observers to the Belarusian elections, and if sent, in what format they will work. Can I have already read at the moment, will be sent to Minsk OSCE observers and what would be the format of the mission, taking into account the voltage nearest time between the OSCE and the former Soviet countries, including Russia? "

Authorities said: "We can hold elections outside democratic. How much will it cost?"

Silitski: "In 1-x, we can see the that the Belarusian side is a little more intrigued by the OSCE, Our homeland than. After all, there was this obscene word of 4 letters, and where the OSCE mission thwarted. Means options trade with the West, and even purchase some legitimacy w sight West Belarusian control not discarded?
Tsigankov: "In your opinion, as a principle for the Belarusian administration has the West’s recognition of the parliamentary elections?"
Silitski: "It’s just a trade. If someone suggests something, it does not mean that the trader is willing to give it all for the price, it is not about the share sale. Belarusian authorities they say:" We have a choice. We can hold them at least, outside democratic. How much will it cost? "If the price does not converge, no deal. While official Minsk only eyeing"
Tsigankov: "Does it follow from your words that you can assume that if the" meet in the value "that can not even keep the opposition in the polls?"
Silitski: "I’ll say this — ODIHR horseback, CEC remains. This can happen only when the OSCE itself is fundamentally presence in Belarus at any cost — then maybe some harsh observation mission. Course, I do not think the opposition to allow each polling station "

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