The procession? Pay!

Second year in a row in Mogilev can not pass the usual procession in honor of St. Anthony of Padua, patron saint of the town.
Religious procession Mogilev Catholics usually spend on June 13. This year, the government claimed, that the Mogilev Roman Catholic Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary paid services officers, doctors and public utilities. Such a requirement put forward the ideological department of the Mogilev city executive committee.
Scandalous situation with a procession takes place recently signed for Mogilev Festival of Sacred Music "God Almighty." It has to start on June 23.
Conceptually, the department hosted the procession argued his claim that the police, public utilities and doctors ensure order during the events.
In a telephone conversation employee of the Office of the parish said that funds are required to pay for those services, the church is not:
"We called the police. They uttered to us that our number of people can give a minimum of 6 employees. Less impossible. One policeman hour worth twelve thousand. Other words, about eighty thousand rubles will be only one is the Ministry of Interior."
According to the employee, to find out how much will cost the church services of doctors and public utilities, not steel. "We have police officers and no money," — said the employee.
That holding procession in question, now confirmed the abbot and Mogilev dean of the church of St. Stanislaus Roman father Faksinsky. Requirement of the executive committee Father Roman said his parishioners.
"After I announced yesterday that they are willing to change Tipo requirements to us. Second to give the best. But as it is, I do not know, today I can not say anything, "- said Father Roman Faksinsky.
Mogilev on politicians who do not just have to organize rallies and marches, police services, public utilities and doctors together worth more than five hundred thousand rubles.
Mogilev, they say politics, city council of fees freed only organizers of municipal activities.
City Council requirement violates the rights of people believe Mogilev defenders.
"The Constitution of Belarus guarantees the people’s right to freedom of assembly, rallies and marches. If the government sets different obstacles, namely cash, it infringes on the rights of people to hold meetings, rallies and marches," — says human rights activist Sergei Fomin.
As it became clear "Freedom", the executive committee are unhappy with the requirements of the executive committee. In the Committee on Religious and Ethnic Affairs Executive Committee are convinced that this year the procession will pass and free:
"I wish now encounter with the priest Roman, but he went to Poland and now it will not be a week. I wish him all these questions to discuss. This question will be resolved," — assured Committee chief Vladimir Martynovskaya.
In the past year the procession Mogilev Catholics did not spend because of the street was renovated Lazarenko. On it usually believers from the church of St. Stanislaus went to the chapel of St. Anthony, which is a Catholic cemetery.
St. Anthony became the guardian of Mogilev in the late XVI century. His miraculous icon brought to Mogilev Franciscan preachers.
In the first half of the XVII century in Mogilev recaptured medallion, one side of which was the image of the icon of Our Lady Moms Belynichi, and on the other — St. Anthony. On the medallion was the inscription: "St. Anthony Mogilev, pray for us."
Icon of St. Anthony went missing during the second World War.
St. Anthony is revered not only Catholics, and Orthodox.
Valentin Stefanovich: "In civilized countries for religious processions do not pay"

"If we talk about the constitutional rights of the people — the right to freedom of assembly, expression of their relationship to the socio-political life of the country, including on religious activities, then there must be emphasized that they are non-commercial nature and focused on the implementation of constitutional rights because Naturally, such a possibility should be provided by the state. Citizens do not have to pay it for their money, "- says V. Stefanovic.
Sergei Lukanin: "From Protestant gatherings require funds for long"

"Our church was faced with a similar situation. Earlier, when we did not have their own buildings, we rented a room, for example, in the main economic council of the presidential administration," — says the lawyer of the Church "new life" Sergei Lukanin.
"From us ensure that in the hall of worship attended by representatives of" ambulance ", police and firefighters. If we did not pay for these services, we refuse to rent," — said the emperor Lukanin.
The lawyer added: "If in 2006 we held a rally in Bangalore Square, we had to pay huge amounts of money and firefighters, and police, and the energy consumed. It was a very huge amounts of money."
Grodno authorities for the conduct of the procession are not required
This was confirmed to our correspondent at the Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Curia th Secretariat Orthodox diocese.
In Minsk funds for religious processions do not take
Commented on the situation in the media responsible for the secretariat of the Conference of Bishops of the Church in Belarus Alexander Amelchenya priest.
The representative of the Orthodox Diocese: "I see no reason to pay for what-nibudt"

Secretary of Minsk diocesan administration Belarusian Orthodox Church Andrei Olezhka:
"We do not pay for work or ambulance or the police, which protects public order. They get the country wages and do their job. ‘Cause I do not even see the bottom to what nibudt-pay."
"Municipal bureaucrats do not understand the essence of the country"
The situation is commented philosopher Vladimir Mackiewicz:


"It is clear that the need to pay for the safety of participants of mass actions. Costing such activities exist, and it is not affordable pleasure.
But we must take into account the other side of the problem: we all — taxpayers. We pay taxes to support the police, the health care system, the MOE. Because such things are not services to citizens by the country. We had already paid for them.
If the government invoice religious organization, it indicates that the municipal bureaucrats do not understand the essence of the country and what matters the government has to implement constitutional rights.
The right to freedom of confession and the right to freedom of rallies and marches — all foreseen by our Constitution. In such a situation, the government should ensure that security, because for its citizens have already paid. "

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