The progress of reconstruction at the Roki tunnel in April 2013

By early April, the builders completed 3238 m kalottnoy part of the tunnel and 1,894 m shtrossovoy part. The total length of 3730.4 m Permanent buildings lining is installed at the site invert a total length of 1174 m, and on the arches and walls on the total length of 784 m Construction of permanent lining used simultaneously three mechanized formwork (two for each 12 m long, and a 9-meter).

On the reconstruction of the Roki tunnel employs 700 people, work is being done around the clock in two shifts. Approximate time of the start of the labor movement through the Roki Tunnel is scheduled for the second half of 2014. Delivery of the entire complex under the terms of the state contract is scheduled for October 2015.


— Construction daunting. Analogues of such works at the moment is not conducted in the Russian Federation, — said Roman Starovoit, having become acquainted with the progress of work at the Roki tunnel. — In addition to the economic value of the object has a social policy, because the tunnel is a "lifeline" for South Ossetia. And for the development of the country, our border areas of communication between people who live in different countries, this road is very important.

Roki tunnel is the only transport corridor linking Russia and South Ossetia. Work on the reconstruction of the tunnel began in December 2010 with the reorganization of the technical gallery. In July 2012 on the enhanced tunnel was opened vehicular traffic between Russia and South Ossetia in the reverse graph, which allowed builders to start work in the main tunnel without disrupting road communication on Transkam.

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