The street will Gamarnika documentation

According sovereign Sour, this is done in order to later no one could blame them for that is building violations or hiding documents.
"That sketch documentation that has been kidnapped residents during a meeting at our head engineer, developed at the design stage. A construction stage — do not say that in full, but different. Those comments that examination we filed, we corrected. Karpovich is constantly in the control bodies. During 2 months Karpovich not leave the classrooms prosecutors Presidential Administration, district administration, health and environmental services. That’s where the inhabitants write there in the morning until the evening is Karpovich. Two months Karpovich proves that build without disturbing. Build on the approved project documentation. "
Sour Emperor said that the inhabitants now rushed for vehicles and those violating public security. Had to intervene because police, To prevent possible unfortunate case. Sovereign Sour said that protesters invited to come to the office and read the documentation.
"To this I replied in the presence of all the inhabitants, my employees and government representatives, police officersWhat would you nor we have demonstrated to us all the same: The house will not stand here! We do not want this! "

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