The trial of E. Zeltser, appointed July 30,

South American lawyer Zeltser blame forgery, smuggling psychotropic substances, illegal trafficking and commercial espionage. The greatest punishment for these crimes — up to 7 years imprisonment. It is clear that E. Zeltser guilty himself does not recognize. During a meeting with South American diplomats South American lawyer says after arrest against him to use physical force. Emanuel Zeltser also not once complained about bad health and lack of proper medical care. The press service Committee of State Security argue that health Zeltser can participate in the process.
Recall Emanuel Zeltser flew on March 12 in Minsk to solve problems Tipo heritage Badri Patarkatsishvili, Georgian oligarch. At the airport, and E. Zeltser V. Funk were arrested and up This time contained in the KGB prison — "American."

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