The Tribunal dismissed the suit against Mech Beltransgaz

Now Brest Regional Tribunal refused to restore to work BPF Alexander Mech, who has previously worked in Kobrin trunk pipelines "Beltransgaz". He was fired recently elections after the request of the administration NOT turned down the role in the election campaign.
Immediately after the meeting Brest human rights activist Vladimir Maley said "freedom" that the court decision — unfair. The judges did not even take into account that the dismissal of Mecha was no agreement of the trade union committee of the enterprise: "There is no document on the results of the voting: how people were"Yes", how many — "against". And we believe that if it does not, there was virtually no agreement on trade union dismissal Furs. And when checking prosecutors confirmed that such a vote was not. I am sure that this is enough to Tribunal found that the dismissal was out of sequence, but because Fur must be reinstated. "
Alexander officially Fur was dismissed on June 30 after categorically refused the offer of the authorities and the KGB did not participate in the elections as a candidate for the House of Representatives. The current tribunal he also believes persecution for their political views:
"The court’s decision — political. We presented to the tribunal all confirmations, all legal conclusions. But what was the solution, you already know. "
According to Alexander Furs, the prosecutor’s office and the courts, he sent for 8 applications. The present decision, he also appealed to the Supreme Court. On the question of what it mattersbe when the bad outcome is known in advance, Ales Fur responds:
"We need to show people how to use the contract system bureaucrats simply victimized neposlushlivymi. And the government using the courts for their own purposes, and continues to further increase the pressure."
Alexander Fur has two higher education. Over 14 years he worked as an engineer LLC "Beltransgaz".

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