The Tribunal will do what he uttered top

"You can not make the people of" human shield. "We can not do any shield overlap of vehicles in which are people. It is strictly forbidden. But another thing — who made this decision? The performers themselves or they received an order from a senior management? It is unclear. But this can not be done. In all times and among all nations is prohibited. It’s just a misanthropic. Atthan people had to venture own life to apprehend the offender. Police and other law enforcement agencies have to do it, it is their duty. And other citizens it mattersshould not be used and they can not be. "
About the likely results of this trial Mieczyslaw Mushroom Pronunciation:
"I went through all the courts, and I am now the Belarusian courts simply do not believe. I believe now we have self-contained and impartial trial. Tribunal will do that he uttered on. And we still have those last Russian times, when the whole system of law enforcement and the courts support each other. Because I do not know that the court may decide. "

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