The truth about braces

A beautiful smile is not only beautiful, but also very important, because it gives life to the whole confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Give your child a smile from his childhood and he will be very grateful to you when mature. Unfortunately, most people think about it closer to 30 years, and in fact correct bite and, as a consequence, a smile, a lot easier, while the teeth are still growing.


What is the bite?

In dentistry, teeth bite called the closing of the upper and lower jaw. Accordingly, correct bite — when the teeth are closed smoothly and wrong — when the teeth are "go" for one another.


What is the cause of malocclusion and how to fix it?

The study of this question has been orthodontics — the branch of dentistry and occlusion of its violations. The main causes of malocclusion few:

— abnormal growth of the teeth;

— offset by the removal of the adjacent teeth;

— various anomalies of the upper or lower jaw.

If the first two factors can be managed without any of the operations, the third is treated in combination, the orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeons.


Methods occlusion

The simplest method — is to prevent malocclusion. It is therefore not recommended to remove the baby teeth before they fall out themselves, rather set them special crowns or dentures, which will not allow the growing teeth to shift, will keep a place for them.

Unfortunately, not always possible to prevent the problem, and doctors sometimes have to correct the already disturbed bite. In this case only one possible method of treatment, namely — braces.

All of them have heard or read almost all seen those or other device in the mouth of his acquaintances, but few people know that modern braces are far from those horrible brackets and plates that were used in the early days of orthodontics.

Today's braces are different from them, not only in appearance, but also the materials used and the method of installation.


How to apply Braces?

The principle of operation is based on the metal brackets with shape memory. Originally brackets have a certain configuration, then install them on the wrong grown teeth and these devices tend to take their original form, along with a shifting teeth.


What are braces?

Two main types of Braces — this Braces external and internal. First installed on the outer surface of the teeth, and the second — on the inside (so called — lingual braces).


Braces can be made of different materials, ranging from metals and ceramics, precious metals and ending sapphires. Of course, the efficacy of this does not change, but the taste of some patients, braces made of gold with sapphires pleasantly entertain pride and look more aesthetically pleasing.


At what age can install braces?

Treatment bracket system is possible in 9-10 years, when not all the teeth were replaced, but the best is the age of 12-13 years. It was during this period of the permanent teeth are actively growing, so braces are the most effective. But that does not mean that the installation brackets in 30 years will be useless, just treatment will take longer.


Terms of wearing braces

First, the patient will have to give up a very solid and viscous foods that can damage braces.

This article was prepared on the basis of materials provided by a network of dental clinics "Doctor Martin", children's dental clinic "Martinka" and Nathan Romanovich Nuvahovym.

Secondly, it is necessary to spend more time brushing your teeth, which is not so bad.

Third, the first two or three weeks to get used to the brackets, which can deliver a certain discomfort.


Duration of treatment

The average treatment lasts one and a half to two years, depending on the degree of malocclusion. Active treatment of braces — this is only the first step. After their removal to the teeth are set so-called retainers — a special wire that keeps the teeth to shift back to the original position. Retainers are imperceptible to the public and the patient, but you can not do without them even in the simplest case.


What braces to choose?

It all depends on the patient, so that the therapeutic effect is the same and have the easiest bracket and complex internal braces.

Well-proven external braces made of metal and ceramic. However, if your appearance is important in the course of treatment is best suited internal braces.

Makes braces are a myriad, but the most popular are the "Incognito", "Damon", "Smart clip" and "Innovation" — these are well-known manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe and are used extensively in Russia.

If the "Damon" and "Smart clip" made external braces, the "Incognito" specialize exclusively on internal braces of gold alloys. The peculiarity of this brand is their unique method of simulation of braces. First impression of the patient's teeth is made, and then in Germany on this and created a cast modeled individual bracket system that sets your doctor. All doctors who install braces "Incognito" held a special training course and receive a certificate.

Is not worth saving on a smile, because it never gets old and out of style.



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