The war’s waist: how to win without losses

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So you want to become the owner of a slim waist and shapely hips! However, since the war on excess weight, it is necessary to remember that there never been more important to choose the right strategy and tactics. Otherwise, the price of victory would be too high.

How to lose weight without risk to health? What weight is considered ideal? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, MD, Ph.D. and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— Mariyat how serious is the problem of obesity in Russia?

Statistics disappointing: in Russia about 60% of the population is overweight. However, we must remember that excess body weight — it's not just those extra pounds. This is the risk of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, diseases of the joints, spine, etc.

— Usually people who want to lose weight, go on a diet and fitness heavily involved. It's the right tactic?

Not just wrong, but very harmful!

The sharp and uncontrolled decrease caloric intake so-called express diets, unchecked by an independent physician weight loss can lead to irreparable consequences for health. On the one hand, the body loses necessary for normal functioning nutrients, vitamins, minerals. As a result, overall health suffers, straying metabolism, deteriorating condition of the skin, hair and nails. On the other hand, starts consumes not only the outer of the subcutaneous fat depot, but also the internal bodily organs prolapse (visceroptosia).

I'm not talking about the fact that rapid weight loss leads to the fact that the skin does not have time to catch up and form unsightly creases.

— Please tell me why your techniques allow no harm to the health lose from 4 to 10 pounds in a month?

The fact that the course of treatment Golden Needle ®, Earring Magic ® and ™ Superigla apply special techniques impact on the external fat depots, which allows for enhanced lipolysis is in subcutaneous fat, without affecting the internal fat of education. In man, which reduces weight independently, primarily lipolysis occurs in abdominal fat structures and outer layers of fatty tissue from which typically want to get rid of overweight patients undergo cleavage at either end. Therefore, our method can effectively and safely reduce body weight and is in problem areas.

— How do you feel about weight loss through exercise?

With the help of physical activity to achieve significant weight loss is unlikely to succeed due to the fact that muscle is heavier than fat and weight may even increase. There is also a factor of increase in appetite increase power consumption, which leads to the return of discharged kilograms, and a certain degree of physical load obesity, generally, contraindicated. If the weight is initially too large, heart and joints, and because of high working load increase its dangerous. The only thing that may be advisable in this case — swimming and some kinds of fitness, yoga, but they do not give an intense fat burning.

— How, then, to lose weight right?

Efficiently and under the supervision of physicians. Changing dietary patterns only under the supervision of specialists, the benefit of these days is where to go for help. And remember: the self-obesity (especially if you do not have five extra pounds and fifty) deal will not work. It is a disease that must be treated by a specialist, not to self-medicate.

— Mariyat, please tell us about your author's method of Golden Needle ®.

Author's method of Golden Needle ® Dr. Fly ® based on acupuncture.

— This is when a person lies, and it cut away needles?

Not really. The essence of the author's methods of Golden Needle ® is prolonged exposure to certain acupuncture points that are responsible for the metabolism and feeding behavior. In two (or more) of the biologically active points on the ear, the needle is inserted and secured with a specially designed clamp (external design tools used in the methods of the Golden Needle ®, Earring Magic ®, ™ Superigla may resemble the unusual earring). This new medical treatment tool creates custom channel for the entire time of treatment produces pulses affecting the appetite center.

Once the needle is installed, it is up to the patient until weight becomes normal. This dramatically reducing caloric intake is not required, just need to respect the meals and perform some rules and guidelines for the combination and alternation of products.

— What weight is considered normal?

Criteria for normal body weight identified by WHO and are calculated according to the formula Quetelet index, which is equal to body weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared.

BMI (body mass index) = m / (h)2

If the BMI is less than 20-25 — normal weight. If BMI 25-30 — a person overweight. If the BMI is greater than 30, it is already obese. A BMI of less than 20, it is a deficit of body weight.

However, the Quetelet index is not always indicative. So men with severe muscle mass BMI body can be high (because muscle is heavier than fat), then on obesity it is not always the case. Therefore, the definition of normal body weight, we have always treated individually. The first free consultation for inspection and korpometriyu (measuring the volume of the body), forward Quetelet index and the modified index Brock, be sure to focus on the type of fat deposition: abdominal or glyuteofemoralny. And only then give advice — a person need to lose weight or not.

— What is glyuteofemoralny and abdominal type of fat deposition?

Women most often deposited fat on the thighs, buttocks on glyuteofemoralnomu type, and men — in the abdomen (abdominal type). The difference not only in the areas of fat deposits in visual perception, but also in pathological effects on the whole organism — hemodynamics (condition of the cardiovascular system). In patients with abdominal fat deposition dome diaphragm elevated body fat located inside the abdomen. The heart is at the same horizontal position, the rear wall in the ischemic myocardium, there is shortness of breath on exertion, and then alone, congestion in the pulmonary circulation. The prognosis for this type of obesity in terms of the development of heart disease is poor, if one is prepared to treat his illness. Such patients need to reduce the weight in the first place for health, not for aesthetic reasons.

— Quite often, women with a BMI in the normal limits, consider themselves to be complete because nedotyagivayut to the "standards of beauty" — 90 * 60 * 90.

Criteria mannequins and models are not the norm for ordinary people.

We have experience working with actresses, dancers and ballerinas, which profession, contracts require a deficit of weight, to make sacrifices in their own health. But most of them asthenic physique — and, therefore, they are more fragile by nature. In addition, their bodies from childhood adapted to the low weight, as opposed to those school girls-students who, dreaming about the figure of Kate Moss, do not start to lose those extra pounds.

— And thus detrimental to your health?

That's right. Weight deficit causes deterioration of the skin, hair and nails, metabolic disorders, decreased hormonal function. We must remember that our subcutaneous fat is not just a layer of fat, but also the synthesis of plant and depot of female hormones — estrogen. So do not try to deficiency of weight gain, especially in women older than 35 years.

Get thin and you will quickly get old?

Right. Our biological clock is tied to the level of sex hormones in women are primarily estrogen. The sharp drop them — the signal at the genetic level, that the individual does not need to evolve. It can not reproduce, can not increase the population. Therefore, women should be an adequate supply of su
bcutaneous fat: skinfold 2-3 centimeters — is the norm. For men such genetic marker is a high level of androgens, which provides muscle mass. So men estrogens and their depot — fatty tissue does not need.

— That is, the BMI should ideally be 20 to 25?

For women, yes. And, I would not recommend going down to the lower limit, and ideally should aim for a "golden middle" — 23-24.

— Mariyat to you in the center often come people with normal BMI who want to lose weight?

Fortunately, rare. They were not more than 1%. And such people we refuse to help in reducing weight, because, as doctors, we have no right to harm the patient.

If a normal body weight a person feels full and ugly intentionally wants to underweight, so he compromised internal self and deformed psihostatus. There is a special test: we are asked to draw on a sheet of paper in the shape of his body upright — and, as a rule, these people draw a shape that does not match their actual proportions. Most often, they come to us with the original eating disorder (anorexia). They want to get rid of the mythical "extra pounds", but in fact they need psychological correction.

— And if those extra pounds are not mythical? In humans, the weight of all the normal criteria, but fat is deposited uniformly. For example, too massive thighs or bulging belly. Such patients can you help?

Of course! In such cases, do not even need a method of Golden Needle ®, enough programs to correction. We have developed an author's technique (also based on acupuncture), which allows in certain areas to reduce the volume, change the proportions of the body.

Once again I want to stress — no need to chase after other people's ideals, normal weight at everyone. And to maintain it — so for many years to preserve the beauty and health.

Source: Clinic "Origiteya"

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