The Warsaw meeting of Belarusian democrats

By Viktor Kornienko, akreslilisya three groups of issues that cause the greatest intrigued:
First by Price Schengen visas for Belarusian people;
Second Increasing efficiency applets Kalinowski for students expelled from Belarusian universities for political views.
3rd Preparations for the elections to the House of Representatives, which will be held in the autumn.
Regarding visas, Kornienko said:
"We need to spend a good propaganda campaign among the population. And explain to people who povinet that such situation. And remember about the 12 EU proposals for Belarus. As for Polish politicians, they are neighbors, well aware of the situation and are ready facilitate this process. "
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Victor Gaisenok states that the Belarusian authorities also taking steps to reduce the price of Schengen visas. To do this, try to lead Belarus bilateral negotiations with the countries of the zone. Yesterday, speaking in the House of Representatives, the emperor referred Gaisenok this dilemma complex:

We are trying to maintain bilateral negotiations. But while the break solidarity of the Schengen area we can not

"This is an issue that concerns our relations with the EU as a whole. EU links the start of negotiations on prices with the implementation of visa policy of good neighborliness, the creation of the work plan in this policy. Yet for all this the address to our political demands — the same eminent 12 Fri Because Work in this direction is very languid. We are trying to conduct bilateral negotiations. But until break solidarity of the Schengen area we can not. "
Kalinowski program from both sides highly evaluated. But there is a thorough problem — how to improve its effectiveness? — Viktor Kornienko reads:
"Very interested in it, so people who have not a bad European education later vorachivalis in Belarus. And it obviously depends not on the Polish side, and our politicians, public figures. They must keep students informed Belarusian affairs, that they were way affiliated with in this case.
This is one of those moments. There are others. This — the selection, selektsyya students. And how to choose the one or other educational institution. "
In the first two a day or a visit of the Belarusian opposition politicians held talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Parliament. Yesterday they perceived the chairman of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz.

Co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus Anatoly Lebedko, despite its own status Restricted to travel abroad from Belarus, also located in Warsaw:
"Of course, the situation is discussed by the Belarusian authorities are ready for a dialogue. Here there are certain colors. But generally dominated by one position — and in the executive and legislative bodies of the Polish authorities they say: all decisions on Belarus will be made only after consultation with the United Democratic forces. And this is fundamentally because they treat the UDF as a subject, without which the adoption of harsh unrealistic solutions to the Belarusian issue ".

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