Through pARTisan — Grodno on places of worship

They presented a new room anthology of modern Belarusian culture "pARTisan".
Correspondent"Arthur Klinov again in Grodno, already the second time. You said that will develop Hrodna place … "
Wedge"When we were in the last time, it was not even a presentation, and we promised that we would come in the fall with a huge celebration. As for the development of the Grodno region, it would like very much so" pARTisan »Grodno knew, read, send us the texts. We plan to publish in every guestroom cultural materials from all regions of Belarus. It would be very curious what happens in Grodno and region. Even we enter the next room category of "Religious places." We want to offer several outstanding figures Grodno describe their places of worship in their town, which they believe to their own personal point of view of worship. "
Correspondent‘Sire Akudovich, you itself Grodno. As you looking for from the capital is seen Grodno? Can I wait here texts — philosophical, everyday, no almanacs, magazines? "
Akudovich"I love her and I love Svislach Grodno, but abstract love. As for literature, in other words, a number of people supertalenavityh — Shalkevich, Patsyupa, which, however, moved to Minsk, Gumenuk, Chobot and a lot more. Grodno, certainly for the Belarusian literature strongly means a lot. Grodno But there is a paradox, which we have long argue why Grodno through Western individualism can not copulate. This fact disunity creators Grodno bothers us, but maybe it’s Providence. Apparently, Western individualism affects everyone lives on Literary own farm, but it is coupled with the fact does not affect the presence of Grodno in Belarus agulnalitaraturnym discourse. "
Correspondent"In the midst of the audience at the meeting with the guests I saw Ming Nicholas Vavrenyuk Bialystok, Polish TV journalist. I posted that you came especially for this meeting? "
Vavrenyuk"Bialystok only 70 km from Grodno, and I believe that our common area — Bialystok-Grodno — Time to tolerate defect disk imaging from Minsk that is happening there. Obviously there web, but this is not a lot to me personally. I necessary contacts with human beings, with text that I can pick up, even as they say some to smell the ink. "
Correspondent"And who is more exciting of those who came to you personally?"
Vavrenyuk"I Valentin Akudovich most fascinating, because it is not the first group of writers move forward. Moreover, exciting specifically his thoughts."

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