To work abroad emigrated 1800000 Belarusians

By forecasts Global Bank, transfer of funds to developing countries This year still grow by 6.7 percent and reach 283 billion dollars. But the economic slowdown in the West, as in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine will reduce shipment means migrant workers. Global Bank experts are waiting on the results of a significant downturn of 2009-10.

In 10 of the states in which the most translated earned compatriots abroad means includes India, China, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania. In China for this year is expected to be transferred  30 billion dollars, Poland -11 billion

Sent abroad funds sometimes are an important source of material to ensure poor countries. For example, transfer of funds from abroad is 45 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of Tajikistan, 38 percent — Moldova.

Belarus on this background looks more timid. In 2006 been forwarded to the country 334 million bucks, representing 0.9 percent of GDP. The same amount of transfers was recorded in the past.

Global Bank experts estimate the number of immigrants from Belarus 1 million 800 thousand people, which is 18.4 percent of the total amount of the population. In 10 of the countries in which Belarusians in most cases go to work, includes Our homeland, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, USA, Israel, Germany, Latvia, Estonia.

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